A Power Symbol Tattoo Story

Power Symbol Self Expression

Eli wanted a personal Power Symbol on the topics of clear communication from within, self-expression, setting boundaries and self-care. The chosen part of the body fits perfectly with the effect of the Symbol, because these are all topics of the throat chakra.

I always notice that it is only at a point that people want a line tattoo, i.e. one that connects the channels between the heart and throat chakras, when the lower chakras are sufficiently balanced.

Only a clarification of the lower fields allows this desire to arise, at least that’s what it seems like to me – it’s a lot more pleasant to open your throat when the roots are deep and real, otherwise it can rumble a little when suddenly a lot of unexplained things arise.

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If you would like a personal Power Symbol instead, be it as a tattoo template or as a soul compass for meditation or as a logo, I look forward to your inquiry.