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Alpha and Omega

Elemental Bodies of the Human Aura

“Life is lived forward and understood backwards.”

Søren Kierkegaard

When I lived in India 10 years ago, my father was visiting when I was trying to find a name for my company. In the previous years I had learned more and more crafts, such as making macramé jewelry or tattooing by hand. At the same time, I had also trained further in energetic disciplines and had a qualification as a Reiki master and teacher.

My idea was the name “Ener Chi” because I was very fascinated by Chi, the universal energy that animates everything and can be influenced by everything without changing its essence. With “Ener Chi” I wanted to show that energy as we know it from physics and Chi as we know it from spirituality are one and the same. A bit like all gods are the same god.

My father then said that the name was a bit generic, since the people my work would attract would primarily want to work with me. He explained to me that there will always be others who do the same thing I do, in some form or fashion. The people who would come to me would be those who would be attracted to my way of doing things, my essence, so to speak. It’s the same with everything and everyone. And that’s how we came up with the name Dada Chi.

On the one hand, Dada is the nickname that I have loved and proudly worn since my youth. On the other hand, Dada stands for the beginning, the first word a baby speaks. The simple, the basis of all matters, no matter how complicated. And Dadaism, meaning in nonsense, an art form that is very close to my heart and was founded in Zurich.

Today I stand here and smile as I tell this story.

Smile because in ten years I haven’t had a single customer cross my path whose story had nothing to do with mine.

Smile, because over the course of ten years, every single customer came to me because of my energy, not because of my CV or any diplomas.

Smile because these ten years plunged me into unimaginable abysses and conflicts with my own energy and that of this world, into conflicts that were so unforeseeable and that caused me to die completely and be reborn again.

And then laugh out loud because the cosmic joke is so clearly visible in these few milliseconds…

Today I’m teaching how to work with Chi. Sending out your very own frequency into the universe instead of absorbing the world and its fears. And I teach handmade tattoo art – the basis, the simple, on which everything complex is built.

Dada Chi. The name says it all, and I’m excited to see where the journey continues.

For now, I’m happy to be teaching “Learn Magic”. By this I mean nothing other than establishing inner contact with your own Chi and then building this energetic connection to everything else.

Because every person is magical if they want to be. We can all move energy, we do it every day, but we are not aware of it. Day in and day out we waste energy doing things that don’t bring joy and peace.

Hence part of this training is about bringing your own attention back to yourself and then directing it to new, different worlds.

All offers that have existed on Earth so far revolve around healing with Chi, for example in Reiki, Theta Healing, Craniosacral therapy and so on. Martial arts focus on attacking or defending using this energy.

My approach is not about healing or fighting using this energy, but about living with this energy. Because Chi can do so much more; it enriches our lives, it gives us creativity, it gives us resilience in difficult growth phases. Being connected to the power of life itself eliminates self-doubt and inhibitions and allows you to follow your own path full of strength and humility…

Are you ready?

The first round of the Learn Magic Training starts on May 26th 2024 in Zurich – there are currently 7 places available.

If you would rather learn how to tattoo by hand and incorporate spiritual energies, the next Spiritual Handpoke Tattoo Training begins on May 18th – 20th 2024 in Zurich.


Approach your daily experience with the following clues:

  • Physical sensations and actions are Earth, they want to be perceived (not fought or erased!)
  • Emotions are Water, they want to flow (not to be pinned down, analyzed!)
  • Thoughts are Fire, they need the right food in the form of other perspectives (not deafening or distracting!)
  • Visions are Air, they want to blow back and forth (must not be evaluated in plus-minus / good-bad and not fixed to be “true”!)
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