Balanced Fire

Balanced Fire


Your mental body feels warming and light-giving today. That means that it is in balance – wonderful!

First, it is important that you express what you have experienced in the journey through your mental body. Sit down and portray what you have experienced. This can be done through words, or through colors, through pictures, drawings, collages – there are no limits to your imagination. It is important that you give the inner, spiritual experience an external, material expression, because in this way the connection between your soul and the mental part of your self is strengthened and anchored more deeply.

After you’ve expressed your experience, let’s move on to your



Pick a thought that feels good. Example: “I love myself exactly as I am right now, from the bottom of my heart.” Then imagine how you would lead your life if this thought was your absolute truth. Would you act differently if this thought corresponded to your reality? Howwould you behave? Live in your imagination for a whole day of your everyday life with this new mindset. How does that feel? Surrender to this feeling, to this reality, to this vision. Further examples could be: “Life loves me. “, “I am guided – I have always done everything right, because I have learned from all my mistakes and have grown from their wisdom.”, “If I do not enter a conflict on the outside, I will have to face it on the inside.”, “I am valuable, just like any other being. Not because I perform, not because I am friendly – I am infinitely valuable, simply because I am.”, “I am loved – with everything I judge in myself, with everything I judge in the world, I myself am not judged – I am loved.”

Look at funny or inspiring content, listen to funny or inspiring podcasts or read such books via Google Books

Long and deep hugs and open, loving conversations

Meet with beings who make you feel safe, secure and loved


For a whole day, write down what your inner voice has to tell you about yourself. Count: How often does this voice doubt you? How often does it doubt the current moment? How negative or positive does it talk about you? And, most importantly: Do you believe what it is constantly whispering into your ear, day in, day out? Go into a conscious dialogue with this inner voice; it is your watchdog, all it wants is to protect you. Before you train this dog, however, it protects you in a mentally rather destructive way by generally declaring everything new and foreign to be the enemy. The more you become friends with your watchdog, the better it learns to distinguish which experiences to warn you of and which not.

Meet with familiar beings and create a space in which there is no evaluation, just expression. Speak all of your thoughts out loud, no matter how ghastly or self-destructive or violent they are. Just say them out loud, knowing that no one will judge you or your thoughts. You will be amazed how quickly negative thought patterns are released if you allow yourself to give them space. Often, they really just want to be expressed, perceived and accepted, and then they disappear. Obsessive thought patterns do not arise overnight, but are programmed into the brain through constant repetition of certain thoughts and the totalitarian fixation on them. By expressing these thoughts one can act preventively as well as solve existing obsessive patterns. That this happens in a room of love that is being kept up by another being is very important because energy behaves differently when it is observed. The fact that there is another being in the room with a different perspective makes the expressed thought-energy behave differently and automatically changes the perspective of the expressor in a positive way.

Express your thoughts through giving them a form. This can be a shadow play, for example, in which you project shadows onto the wall with your hands and use these shadows to represent your thoughts. Drawing thoughts can also be very liberating; It doesn’t matter what your picture looks like in the end – the only thing that matters is that it expresses your thoughts as precisely as possible for you.

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