Balanced Water

Balanced Water


Your emotional body feels calm and clear today. That means that it is in balance – wonderful!

First of all, it is important that you express what you have experienced in the journey through your emotional body. Sit down and portray what you have experienced. This can be done through words, or through colors, through pictures, drawings, collages – there are no limits to your imagination. It is important that you give the inner, spiritual experience an external, material expression, because in this way the connection between your soul and the emotional part of your self is strengthened and anchored more deeply.

After you’ve expressed your experience, let’s move on to your



Pick a color that feels good and beautiful right now. Then bring this color to you; be it a sock in this color, a blanket, or a picture of this color that you found on Google that you install as a screensaver. Look at the color and weave yourself into it or let it melt into you.

Find music or other forms of sound that feel good and beautiful right now. Surrender yourself fully to these sounds; become one with them.

Pick a place that feels good and beautiful right now. This can be a place from your imagination, a place from a past incarnation, or a place that you know from your current life. Let the place arise in front of your inner eye and then lie down there, become one with this place of power within you.


Find music that expresses your current feelings well, and sing, scream, dance to it. Make sure to really express your feelings; Your singing shouldn’t sound nice, it should reflect your current feelings in the best way possible. Your dance shouldn’t look beautiful, it should show your current feelings. Your screaming should not be pleasant; it should express the intensity of your feelings.

Create tones with your physical body that correspond to your feelings, be it a deep throat clearing, a low whimper, a high-pitched scream, or a sloping grunt. Here, too, the point is not that the tones created are intended for an audience; Their task is to portray your inner sensations in the best way possible, to express all of them instead of suppressing them.

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