Being A Tree

The Tree of the Universe In Circle

Spring is my absolute favorite season. Everything blooms and awakens to new life – so do my ideas and projects every year. A lot happens around this time in my anyways busy life.

Also I see the dance of the tides strongest in spring; how winter doesn’t just voluntarily give up its place, and summer has to drive it away with storms and thunderstorms, making room for itself.

My life at the moment is also very much about making room for myself. To take my place, even if this is sometimes accompanied by strong conflicts, both inside and outside. It helps me a lot in these times of change to be able to trust that this is all based on natural laws. A friction, an argument, is important, is essential for thriving.

Isn’t it also interesting that we take the word confrontation positively when it comes to a confrontation with ourselves, but perceive it negatively when it comes to a confrontation with others?

Often, also through our Christian conditioning, friction or conflict is perceived as if the one who is rubbing or quarreling is against that on which he is rubbing. In my opinion, however, the opposite is the case. As a Celt, I base my views on natural principles, and in nature everyone has to find their place. If he has taken it, it is also his duty to take care of this place.

And so, from my perspective, I see that it’s the ones who really care who also clash and argue. Even if they shake the status quo and this can get uncomfortable for our comfort zone, they do it with the best of intentions – out of love for the cause. The tree makes room for its roots so it can give back more to Terra. The more lovingly and trustingly it can do this, the more peaceful its room will be.

And anyone, tree or human, who clearly occupies their space, gives those around them the opportunity to recognize, explore and occupy their own space. To be absorbed in it, to deeply root in it, to then blossom into all their splendour.

This month’s Symbol is all about that: Becoming a tree in your own field. This is done by grounding the female principle of intuition through the male principle of action.

This shamanic Power Symbol is also available as a jewelry pendant or printed on various goodies.