Aura School

Enso Elea Aura School

The Enso Elea Aura School accompanies you through 7 degrees of self-knowledge, from the Seed to the Forest. In an easily understandable way, I will guide you through the different layers of your Aura, aka your Self, and the different states that your consciousness, aka your Soul, which animates your Aura, can take on. You are carried by the Elements and guided by me throughout this journey called Connection of Self and Soul.

Each level of mastery takes 63 days to accomplish. After completion, you will receive a certificate and the allowance to continue with the next level. From your first day at Aura School, you can access its exclusive Telegram Channel. In it, you have access to me for Q&A’s anytime. 

Also, we do 7 Rituals within one year – each of us in their own home. We do this to strengthen the Enso Elea Community Vibe as well as our own connection to Gaia and Akash, and to heal the collective fields from generational trauma. Every level of Mastery at the Aura School is invited to do these Rituals with us. We share our experiences in the already mentioned Telegram Channel.

Six of them are fixed to a date within the year; one is individual, in date as well as in ritual practice. It is the final gift of completion; after you have mastered the 7th level, me and my spirit guides gift you a Ritual, which will be your 7th Ritual, repeated yearly on the day you completed Aura School.

After completion of the full 7 levels, you also gain access to hidden classes in Deep Magick which are only accessible for Graduates of the Enso Elea Aura School.

Aura School is included in the price you pay monthly for Enso Elea. Hence, if you quit your subscription, your progress in the Aura School will be lost.

If you would like to get to know and love yourself better, I am very much looking forward to you joining my community!  You can easily do so here: