Perhaps you are already familiar with the words Da’at and Satsang. As always, I wanted to find a unique name for my latest project, even if that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to market. But if the world you are in doesn’t speak your language yet, you just have to teach it.

Da’at is the eleventh Sefirot in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, in which all other Sefirot converge. It is the invisible source of the Sefirot, so to speak, and since I channel the source in my Da’atsangs, I found this very appropriate. “Da’at” means “knowledge”.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word – “Sat” means “purity” or “truth”, and “Sanga” means “in a group or in association”. In Eastern traditions, Satsangs are gatherings with gurus who lift the veil over the consciousness of the participants and bring them closer to their own inner light through the sharing of truths.

Since all Da’atsangs are dedicated to the purity and understanding of terms that we use every day without understanding them, this name fits perfectly. The topic of the first Da’atsang is trust. Because this is one of so many terms that are very important for a healthy human community, but which the vast majority of people have not yet explored for themselves and understood rationally and emotionally.

Each Da’atsang contains a Symbol, Podcast, Reisa and Worksheet on the topic and is only accessible to members of Enso Elea.

If you would like to get to know and love yourself better, I am very much looking forward to you joining my community!  You can easily do so here: