Enso Elea

Enso Elea Sigil

You may have noticed that the Enso Elea Symbol looks like a spaceship viewed from below.

That has to do with the fact that I often would have liked to beam myself away from this planet. Unlike most people, I was born conscious of infinity; that is, I remember closing my eyes in another place, in another body, before opening them again on Earth as a human baby.

Since physical death from this perspective does not mark the end of a book, but rather the beginning of a new chapter, the way of life of the Earthlings was always very foreign to me. I couldn’t understand how one could perceive oneself as truly separate from everything. However, since everyone around me seemed completely convinced of the concept of “you only live once”, I concluded that I was wrong here.

Because anyone who knows the rules of the quantum field knows about the multidimensionality of the universe. So I came to the conclusion that my consciousness should have incarnated in a parallel universe to this one, a place where everyone knows about the secrets of eternal life in ever new incarnations. In order not to create turbulence, I decided to remain silent.

Adjusting myself to this world and its, in my eyes, rather disturbed perception of life and death. The more I did this, the worse I got. First I became very depressed, then physically ill. My illness resulted in cardiac arrest with near-death experience. While crossing the Rainbow Bridge, I met several of my ancestors.

They showed me that I had in no way taken a wrong turn, but that I incarnated absolutely correctly on Earth. And that my job here is not to adapt to the status quo, but to vehemently question it. That it is my gift to reconnect the people who desire this with the consciousness of infinity…

That it’s not about escaping the Earth, about finally getting home again, but about creating that home on Earth. I remember my lives in other times, dimensions and on other planets in order to promote everything that made those lives worth living on Earth as well. Because at the moment almost no one feels really comfortable in their own skin, on Earth and in the ruling system.

Enso Elea‘s goal is to promote human well-being on Earth, building a community that reflects on true values ​​without fearing the conflict necessary for true harmony. It’s about recognizing what we as human beings really need to feel good and how we integrate these qualities into our everyday lives.

Because what we integrate into our everyday life automatically spills over from there. Human life is short. So this is a project that will take several generations – like a tree that only bears visible fruit after a certain lifetime. Nonetheless, it nourished the soil from the day it began to put out its roots.

The same applies to the content published monthly in Enso Elea; first, the studies, practices, and meditations nourish the reader and practitioner. In time they begin to feed through the practitioner to their environment and from there they expand even further.

Here you can try out whether Enso Elea is something for you.

If you feel called to board my spaceship, you can do so here: