Chi Crew : Digital Dada

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Hey there! My name is Digital Dada, but everyone in the Chi Crew calls me Dida. I am responsible for communication; on the one hand I look after the Members Area and Enso Elea, i.e. the Inner Circle of the Gnothi Seauton Community, on the other hand I process all digital aspects of your orders

Chi Crew : Djeli

Djeli Chi

Hi! My name is Djeli (“Dscheli”) and I am the shaman in Dada’s Chi Crew. Since we will be taking over Dada’s social media presence in the future, she asked me to introduce myself in more detail today. My name comes from West Africa and is actually not a name, but a concept. In West

Enjoy The Silence Festival

Enjoy The Silence Festival Altar

I was booked to do a shamanic Reisa during the Opening Ceremony of this year’s Enjoy the Silence Festival.  We gathered on one of the beautiful hills surrounding lake Como and celebrated life and love to the pumping basslines of Psycore music for three days, and to me it felt like a proper healing ceremony,


Runes by Dada Chi Cover Artwork

The Runic Alphabet The magical Runic alphabet, long forgotten, was once widely used by ancient European peoples such as the Vikings, the Teutons, the Celts and the Anglo-Saxon tribes.  The Runes have existed for thousands of years, some Runes were found in ancient cave paintings all over the world.  The word Rune means secret, riddle

Celtic Tree Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology by Dada Chi Cover Artwork

The Celts loved the forest and the trees. They knew that everything on Earth is interconnected – that everything exchanges information with everything in order to grow and prosper. Hence, they arranged the year in a tree circle and placed each tree in the time of the year that best suited its natural characteristics. The

Celtic Tree Astrology : Hazel

Celtic Tree Astrology Hazel

BIRTH DATE: AUGUST 05 – SEPTEMBER 01 ANIMAL: SALMON      TOPIC: THE KNOWER Visions, Instinct, Intellect, Creativity, Inspiration, Knowledge, Mindfulness Find a collection of all the Celtic Tree Horoscope Ogham Signs in Enso Elea!



Chi is another word for life energy, i.e. the force that breathes life into matter. This power appears to modern man as a miracle, and he tries everything to explain this miracle scientifically in some way. I find that a little amusing – because the ancient cultures knew exactly what the mystery of life force



What does self-confidence mean? Self-confidence means trusting myself. Trusting myself means being with myself and lovingly standing up for my own needs. Because when I do that, I can trust myself. Then I have good intentions towards myself. That doesn’t mean that I’m allowed to occupy or penetrate the space of others. But it is

The Colours of the Aura

The Colours of the Aura

I described how the aura is built up in my article “Connection of Self and Soul“. Today I would like to go into the colors of the aura. As you may know, you can buy an aura photograph at certain esoteric fairs. This art form absolutely has its merits; I just want to note that

Connection of Self and Soul

Connection Of Self And Soul

For many years I have meditated on what exactly the “soul”, the “self”, “spirit” and “mind” are. In my book “Being Human – A Travel Guide” I then, as a result of these inner studies, described the individual parts of the human aura as follows: The core is the physical body, the material anchor for



The pearl is a symbol of inner growth. Do you know how it is made? A grain of sand or other foreign body such as a mite or similar finds its way inside a shell. The shell cannot spit out the foreign body, so she encapsulates it in the innermost layer of her mantle, which

Handpoke Tattoo Rituals

Dada Chi Handpoke Tattoo Ritual

Handpoked tattoos are the origin of contemporary tattoo culture.  Contrary to the modern way of tattooing, a tattoo needle without machine power pierces through the first layer of skin and places the color pigments in the second layer of the skin, the socalled “leather skin”. This procedure varies from the regular tattooing technique as far

Kintsugi – The Art Of Trauma and Healing

Von Trauma Und Heilung - In Wu Wei

In the following I describe a process that happens to all of us in life anyway; so far rather unconsciously. Since we are becoming more and more aware of our inner processes, we must also deal with them more consciously. That’s why I’m taking you on a little trip. I burned a hole in my



The Amethyst takes its name from the Greek “amethystos” which means “sober” or “not drunk”. This naming is most likely due to its ability to keep its wearer cool in stressful situations. The amethyst has proven itself as a test stone; It is advisable to wear an amethyst on your body (in the form of

Meditation Ritual Crown Chakra Activation

Meditation Ritual

IMPORTANT: Please read the entire instruction manual carefully before you begin. You’ll need:  – Incense burner*  – Aluminum foil  – Dried lavender flowers  – Cinammon  – Bowl  – Tealight  – Amethyst tumbled stone (flat enough to rest comfortably on the crown of your head)  – If possible, clothes and towels in violet, the color of

The Web of Wyrd

Web of Wyrd

Back in 2010, I was not doing very well. I had lost my job due to burnout, my doctor wanted me to apply for social care due to my mental insufficiency and I had almost no money because I had already earned very little before. Sad and often alone, I sat at home, diligently wrote

Learning to read Life

Das Leben Lesen Lernen Runen legen lernen Wyn

I have an extremely extensive collection of cards, which would probably make every witch heart beat faster. If you would like to delve deeper into working with cards, I can give you an insight into this world during a Chi Session – from classic tarot to light code tarots and shamanic potency tarots, reading power

Rune comes from Secret

Runen Kommt Von Raunen

When I was traveling through Ireland in 2011, I received a small polymer clay bead from one of my new acquaintances. It was maybe the size of a penny and had a blue symbol painted on the yellow background. Astonished, I studied this new code, which I hadn’t seen before, and then had my friend

Rune Secrets : Laguz


Name: LAGUZ Tone: L Main Topic: WATER Crystal: LAPIS LAZULI Color: BLUE Supports the development of mental abilities and mindfulness.  Laguz stands for water and is associated with all elements of the sea. Just as the sea tests the sailor, Laguz tests us, too, by confronting us with tasks that push us to our limits and

What it’s good for

Von Sinn Und Nutzen

You don’t need a crystal.  You don’t need an essence.  You don’t need a coach.  It’s all inside of you. What you do need to progress is a clear intention, set into focussed action. And that’s were the first sentence of this thought excursion gets turned: Often times, I had all these thoughts inside of