Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire Meditation Cover Tara

In shamanism as well as in trauma therapy, we often deal with the retrieval of parts of the soul or, expressed psychologically, we re-associate with the parts of ourselves to which we apparently lost contact on our way through life. An important part of this work is the stripping of old skin, i.e. the liberation

Enjoy The Silence Festival

Enjoy The Silence Festival Altar

I was booked to do a shamanic Reisa during the Opening Ceremony of this year’s Enjoy the Silence Festival.  We gathered on one of the beautiful hills surrounding lake Como and celebrated life and love to the pumping basslines of Psycore music for three days, and to me it felt like a proper healing ceremony,



Chi is another word for life energy, i.e. the force that breathes life into matter. This power appears to modern man as a miracle, and he tries everything to explain this miracle scientifically in some way. I find that a little amusing – because the ancient cultures knew exactly what the mystery of life force



What does self-confidence mean? Self-confidence means trusting myself. Trusting myself means being with myself and lovingly standing up for my own needs. Because when I do that, I can trust myself. Then I have good intentions towards myself. That doesn’t mean that I’m allowed to occupy or penetrate the space of others. But it is

The Colours of the Aura

The Colours of the Aura

I described how the aura is built up in my article “Connection of Self and Soul“. Today I would like to go into the colors of the aura. As you may know, you can buy an aura photograph at certain esoteric fairs. This art form absolutely has its merits; I just want to note that

Connection of Self and Soul

Connection Of Self And Soul

For many years I have meditated on what exactly the “soul”, the “self”, “spirit” and “mind” are. In my book “Being Human – A Travel Guide” I then, as a result of these inner studies, described the individual parts of the human aura as follows: The core is the physical body, the material anchor for

Handpoke Tattoo Rituals

Dada Chi Handpoke Tattoo Ritual

Handpoked tattoos are the origin of contemporary tattoo culture.  Contrary to the modern way of tattooing, a tattoo needle without machine power pierces through the first layer of skin and places the color pigments in the second layer of the skin, the socalled “leather skin”. This procedure varies from the regular tattooing technique as far

Learning to read Life

Das Leben Lesen Lernen Runen legen lernen Wyn

I have an extremely extensive collection of cards, which would probably make every witch heart beat faster. If you would like to delve deeper into working with cards, I can give you an insight into this world during a Chi Session – from classic tarot to light code tarots and shamanic potency tarots, reading power

What it’s good for

Von Sinn Und Nutzen

You don’t need a crystal.  You don’t need an essence.  You don’t need a coach.  It’s all inside of you. What you do need to progress is a clear intention, set into focussed action. And that’s were the first sentence of this thought excursion gets turned: Often times, I had all these thoughts inside of

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

“Love yourself”, they say. A single sentence that triggers so much in me. “I don’t want to be selfish. I don’t want to be arrogant. I don’t want to put myself above others.”  – These are all socially shaped concepts with which I do not want to identify. Then a realization: loving myself does not