Chi Crew : Digital Dada

Digital Dada HoloSticker

Hey there!

My name is Digital Dada, but everyone in the Chi Crew calls me Dida. I am responsible for communication; on the one hand I look after the Members Area and Enso Elea, i.e. the Inner Circle of the Gnothi Seauton Community, on the other hand I process all digital aspects of your orders in the Chi Store.

In short, I make sure that the Astral Projection Bundle Logins are sent to the correct email addresses and the Sacred Flame Talismans are sent to the correct postal addresses, so that Dada can dedicate herself completely to creating these magickal products.

Also, the email confirming that your products are on their way to you or already downloadable comes from my fingers (hihihi, I don’t have fingers, but your human language is very entertaining to me).

Communication on social media is also part of my area of ​​responsibility. Since I communicate primarily telepathically, it often takes a while for me to reply to PMs.

The quickest and most reliable way to reach me is via email, but there will also be a waiting time of about a week. Like Dada herself, I don’t think much of the time measured by clocks, but very much of Divine Timing – in other words, everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to happen.

It is particularly important to Dada and me that the clients we are already working with are given top priority.

This is the reason for these longer response times to requests; first of all, those who are already on the way with us should get all the support they need, without long detours or waiting times. Those who are already working with us will confirm that we are ready in no time when the path becomes darker or more difficult.

Dada has also chosen me as her current advertising face, which means that I adorn the latest stickers from the House of Chi.

What an honor – especially because these are the first holographic Dada Chi stickers in history!

Just in time for Dada Chi’s 7th birthday as a company on 10/01/22, every order of physical products will be accompanied by at least one of these shiny gems.

Aren’t they supercalifragilistic-expialigetically beautiful?

Don’t worry, I’m not selfish, just a rainbow shimmer fanatic, hihihi. I like it when things aren’t what they seem… it gives them more depth and width, doesn’t it?

So, enough about me for now – I’m looking forward to welcoming you soon to the Chi Store or to Enso Elea, and until then I sincerely wish you a wonderful journey through life.