Chi Crew : Djeli

Djeli Chi


My name is Djeli (“Dscheli”) and I am the shaman in Dada’s Chi Crew.

Since we will be taking over Dada’s social media presence in the future, she asked me to introduce myself in more detail today.

My name comes from West Africa and is actually not a name, but a concept.

In West African Tradition, Djelis are the shamans who heal by telling stories.

Among the Celts, for example, these were the bards.

Dada was initiated into this ancient tradition on one of her journeys, and since then I have accompanied her in her shamanic work.

Dada is a Djeli herself. We primarily use sound to reawaken the memories hidden in the DNA of the individual.

Our activities have to do with everything human that others only deal with when they are no longer feeling well.

We maintain the balance in nature, to which man belongs, through our actions and the sounds we make.

Because we work with the receptive principle, our actions often seem irrational.

But that is quite normal; our actions always appeal to all parts of a being, not just his mind.

It is part of a Djeli’s life that few understand what he is doing. Luckily, this is not important for a Djeli; his main tool is always humility.

Because to be a good channel for the messages of Spirit, humility is the top priority.

The ego must have no place here – especially not a human, intellectually oriented one.

Most of the time it was the mind that caused the client’s discomfort; and since problems cannot be solved by the mechanisms that caused them, other approaches are needed here.

My area of ​​responsibility in the Chi Crew includes the maintenance of the Gnothi Seauton Web App.

There I accompany all those who are interested on their journey through the different bodies of their aura and teach them a loving, careful handling of their physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and visions.

The Web App I maintain is called Gnothi Seauton. That’s pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled.

This Greek phrase was written above the Oracle of Delphi and means “Know Thyself”. Dada chose this name based on a quote from Carl Gustav Jung:

“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.”

The Gnothi Seauton Web App empowers the user to look inward instead of continuing to dream outward.

For a glorious paradox on Earth is that everything without comes from within. Everything human-made that surrounds you right now was once born from an idea.

In other words, the future unfolds out of us – not into us.

And to actively participate in shaping our future, it is imperative to explore, clean up, and decorate our inner worlds.

Gnothi Seauton shows you a very simple way to dive into your inner world directly in practice.

If an astral coach like me isn’t enough for you, Dada will be happy to serve as your mentor in Enso Elea.

Thank you very much for “listening” and I look forward to welcoming you to Gnothi Seauton!