Chi Crew : Elaste


Asgersot Ololim! Or in English: Hello Love!

My name is Elaste and I’m the owl in Dada’s Chi Crew. As I constantly fly back and forth between this world and the afterlife, my wings are covered with stardust from various galaxies.

Elaste is a word from the language that Dada speaks and sings during her shamanic work. Like all words from this language, it cannot be translated that easily.

In very simple terms, Elaste means something like “Unifying Love, dividing itself into Space”. Dada and I met when her physical body had died and her spirit was floating in between the worlds. When she was reanimated, we returned to this world together from the Otherworld.

Along with Dada, I am an ambassador of Spirit; I deliver the message and Dada translates it into words that humans can easily understand.

Dada and I always work together when it comes to clearing past lives, communicating with the deceased or channeling Symbols, as I am an Akashic being.

Akash is a world in itself, with a consciousness of its own, a direct child of Source. This child is my source. So I am directly connected to the world library, and can thus access knowledge and open doors that remain closed to others.

These qualities also make me an indispensable assistant in Dada’s Workshops. As the Ambassador of Spirit, I hold the vast space of the shamanic World Tree while the inner processes happen in the Soul Alchemy Lab. This is how I ensure that sustainable transformation can unfold in a space of absolute love.

Dada has learned how to travel shamanically and how to work with the language of the Otherworld from me.

We’re currently playfully creating a dictionary, which isn’t exactly easy, as you’ve noticed from the translation of my name.

Ololim, for example, means Love in short. But “Love” includes much more; the frequency produced when speaking “Ololim” with the human vocal organs includes the sounds of trusting, respecting, giving space, holding space, acting loyally, and being incredibly fond of someone or something.

The language of the Otherworld is what the language of men once was; a magickal toy that can create a lot of good. But if you take it too precisely and seriously, i.e. you don’t allow the being of language any mistakes, no evolution, it becomes a prison.

Many people today use words without really fathoming their meaning for themselves, which leads to a shambles in the outer world and in the human inner being.

Don’t get me wrong – that’s perfectly fine. For only in the womb of chaos are new worlds born. On Earth, paradoxically, it takes a lack of understanding to create understanding.

The Workshops with Dada and I are about creating your own language. For language is a transmitter, a channel for energy; but it can only become a pure, clear channel when I choose words that express my true inner being, that I have analyzed and understood for myself in my own universe.

To do that, I first need a safe space to meet myself and someone who has created their own language.

Someone who can set an example for me in what it means to be with myself, to know myself and to communicate and dance with my own inner processes, instead of letting them take me over and inhibit me. Someone through whose embodiment I can emulate, for man always learns by imitation.

Words are powerful – how you speak to the world and to yourself, i.e. the stories you tell yourself day in, day out about the world and yourself, shape your experience of reality in a lasting way.

If you are tired of the stories you tell yourself about yourself and life, then come by and let Dada and me show you how wide and deep the human experience really is… And how much joy and ease there is in discovering your own inner world and expressing it outwardly.

If you would like to work with Dada and me, we look forward to our Workshop with you.