Chi Crew : Olnat



My name is Olnat and I’m the jay in Dada’s Chi Crew. I always carry a pearl in my beak.

Olnat is a word from the language that Dada speaks and sings during her shamanic work. Like all words from this language, it cannot be translated easily.

Roughly speaking, Olnat means “Walker between the worlds, planting forests on both sides of the bridge”.  

Dada and I found each other when she first traveled the shamanic world tree. This is now many, many lifetimes ago; since then, our destinies have been linked.

Therefore it is possible for us together to reconnect others with their own power, to remind them of the original song of their soul.

Anyone who works with us can be sure that something will happen. Because our greatest concern is always transformation.

In order to transform something, such as turning a shadow of oneself from an adversary into a soul ally, it must first be brought into formation –

Information thus enables transformation.

In today’s world, where the human mind is constantly bombarded with wannabe-relevant information, bringing one’s own shadows into formation is a high art and sometimes a very challenging task.

Dada and I know how to deal with this task and achieve success in a playful way. Because we believe that there are already enough complicated, tedious and exhausting things in the world.

You can achieve much more with joy than with coercion. The connection of self and soul, the recognition of one’s own self and the integration of one’s own shadows can be playful and still achieve serious results.

Shamanic concepts come from rootwork, that is, they always refer to the simplest basics, the patterns that stand behind everything, that determine everything.

A good example of this is the pearl in my beak.

The pearl stands for purity and wisdom, which arise from dirt and ignorance. Because a pearl is only formed when a foreign body penetrates the shell.

The shell encapsulates the foreign body, such as a grain of sand, and over time it becomes a pearl.

According to the shamanic tradition, the same applies to all disturbances in the overall human system, be they of a mental or physical nature:

A trauma can become a dream if the affected person heals their trauma. Like a shell, s_he can first encapsulate the trauma sand grain (“bring it into formation”), in order to then transform it into a beautiful pearl that enriches the entire world with its shine (“trans-forming”).

Shamans, Šamanas, Bards, Djelis, or whatever you want to call them, know that the cosmic laws are manifest in everything.

They read and analyze these cosmic laws to come into a deeper connection with the flow of life, to flow in unity with it, and to show their clients how they can flow in this rhythm of life themselves.

If you want others to solve your problems, you’ve come to the wrong place. We don’t catch fish for you – we teach you how to catch fish yourself.

Because our credo is self-empowerment – we support you in empowering yourself, and not in becoming dependent on us or other companions.

If you would like to work with Dada and me, we look forward to welcome you to Enso Elea.