A Chi Session is a One-on-One Session via Skype. Within this hour, you can access a multitude of my skills:

You can choose a Shadow Work Session with me as your Šamana. Within such a session, I hold space for you and everything that wants to show up to be re-integrated. I work in the ways of the sacred feminine; hence I tune into your field and then let spirit guide me towards action. We transform in a sacred space and all the spirits at work have been on my astral team for more than a decade.

You can also use this hour to dive into any topic that’s mentioned in “Being Human – A Travel Guide“.

Otherwise, you can benefit from Trance and Meditation during this hour and immerse yourself in deep states of relaxation.

If you have a current situation in which you would like advice or which you would like to read, I happily dive into it in conversation with you, or I read Runes or Cards for you during your personal Chi Hour.

You can also choose Tuition and learn any of the skills that I taught myself, including but not limited to the following:

Handpoke Tattooing

Creating powerful Rituals

Crystal Wisdom

Rune Secrets

Reading Cards

Working with Spirit Animals and the Spirit World

Making Jewelry

Unlocking the Inner Creative

Mental Training

Emotional Hygiene

Of course, you can also book your appointment and just see what fits the moment when we meet.