Connection of Self and Soul

Connection Of Self And Soul

For many years I have meditated on what exactly the “soul”, the “self”, “spirit” and “mind” are. In my book “Being Human – A Travel Guide” I then, as a result of these inner studies, described the individual parts of the human aura as follows:

The core is the physical body, the material anchor for the spirit, so to speak. It can best be compared to the element Earth.

The more subtle bodies expand around the physical body in a kind of torus shape with a diameter of approximately 2 meters.

Surrounding the physical body is the first more subtle “layer” of the emotional body. It can best be compared to the element of Water.

Surrounding the emotional body is the mental body. It can best be compared to the element of Fire.

Around the mental body is the outermost layer, the astral body. It can best be compared to the element of air.

You notice: The elements become lighter and more ephemeral the further one moves towards the outer edge of the aura.

The astral body is semi-eternal, which means it does not die with the death of the physical body, but carries your Chi, your life essence, into the higher worlds and then, if necessary, into the next incarnations – it is with you until you decide to go back into Source and reconnect with the Chi from which everything comes and into which everything returns. When people speak of an “old soul” they primarily mean the age of the astral body, since Chi exists behind the laws of time and thus has no age.

Your Chi or life energy inhabits your aura. In its UFO, the astral body, it is conducted from the Otherworld into your embryo, while your physical body grows in your mother’s womb.

The mental and emotional bodies are also forming at this time; however, unlike your Chi and astral body, they are earthbound, meaning they do not travel with you to the higher worlds after your physical death, but rather find peace in the Akashic memory fields.

In my understanding, then, “self” is the combination of physical body, emotional body, and mental body, and “soul” is the combination of astral body and immortal because unborn Chi.

“Mind” is the combination of the emotional, the mental and the astral body, and “Spirit” is the combination of the emotional and the mental body.

And when I speak of the Connection of Self and Soul, I mean a restoration of communication between these aspects. Modern esotericism speaks of “bringing back parts of the soul” and “closing holes in the aura” here – I’m doing exactly the same thing, but I would like to express myself in my own words. Because I’ve never seen a hole in a torus, or found soul parts at the other end of the universe.

As such conditions showed themselves to me, everything was always there and there weren’t any holes. The Chi, i.e. the individual consciousness of the person concerned, had only withdrawn from certain areas of the aura because too much pain had been deposited there. That is why I call my work the connection of self and soul; when I hold the space, the sufferer feels safe enough to seek out those painful areas in their aura and through loving expression and understanding is able to clear them and bring them back into their own conscious world.

That doesn’t mean that others don’t perceive this work differently – maybe they really do see holes and soul parts flying around. I definitely don’t want to question that, because in the end the Otherworld shows itself to everyone through their own inner images, and these can vary greatly.

However, it is very important to me that my clients do not perceive themselves as “having holes in their aura” or “with missing soul parts”, because this is a very sad perspective. We are whole at all times! We just don’t have equal access to this wholeness at all times.

If you would like to experience these words directly applied in the form of meditations, you can do so with Gnothi Seauton for free and without advertising. If you feel the desire to explore and cleanse these spaces of your aura with me personally, I look forward to a Chi Session with you!

The picture is custom-made for me and my work by Helena Elias.