Enjoy The Silence Festival

Enjoy The Silence Festival Altar

I was booked to do a shamanic Reisa during the Opening Ceremony of this year’s Enjoy the Silence Festival. 

We gathered on one of the beautiful hills surrounding lake Como and celebrated life and love to the pumping basslines of Psycore music for three days, and to me it felt like a proper healing ceremony, where everyone was their own shaman, and the music was the icaro. 

Because the timing didn’t seem right, we moved my Reisa to the end of the festival. Unfortunately, the weather gods chose rain for sunday, and I couldn’t do my form of guided meditation. 

Hence, I chose to record a special edition of my Cosmic Radio podcast dedicated to my experience of the Enjoy the Silence Festival and of course also record the work I was supposed to do there and share it with everyone here.

Since it is important to use my own voice when I work over recordings, I recorded the shamanic Reisa in German, English and Italian. 

If you listen to the Italian version, please keep in mind that I do not speak Italian and literally gave my best to pronounce the words right!

The podcast is available in English and German.

A huge thank you to the organization for this blessing of a festival!

Enjoy the journey.

Cosmic Radio Enjoy The Silence Festival Edition
Enjoy the Silence Meditation English
Enjoy the Silence Meditation Italian
Lamat – A Shamanic Chant