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In Enso Elea I share shamanic knowledge as well as spiritual practices for meditation and mindfulness. There is also a free shamanic Reisa for all members every month.

Reisa, the original form of astral travel, can bring about profound changes for the individual.

Using a drum and energetic techniques, the practicing shaman accompanies the participants on journeys to the Otherworld and back.

The aim is to support and strengthen the soul on its human path.


In our weekly shamanic Flow Sessions via Zoom we create, meditate or dance together.

I also teach a technique that focuses on channeling metaphysical energy through the physical body. This allows emotional and mental burdens to be released and one’s soul to be more fully embodied.

The Flow Sessions in English take place on Wednesdays at 9 pm. Each Flow Session is recorded and sent via e-mail to Enso Elea With Flow subscribers.

Enso Elea With Flow includes free spiritual consultation by me on an ongoing basis, too.

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"I really adore everything that can be found within Enso Elea. Especially the Cosmic Radio Podcast inspires me everytime! Thank you Dada, the effort and care you put inside this project is marvelous."
Miru, 21
"Wow! First of all, I really enjoy Enso Elea and all I can explore here. Second, I had an issue with my login on a weekend, and when I reached out to Dada and her team, they took care of everything immediately! I am really impressed with this customer service and want to thank everyone that was involved."
Hannah, 36
"Thank you for this really fair priced exclusive access to such a vast body of unique work, Dada! I especially love listening to your Cosmic Radio podcast, it gives me new insights into life every time."
Jan, 28
"Wow! The amount of exclusive work you offer for such a low price per month is mindblowing to me. I haven't even gotten to the Reisa and the other audios yet, as I am still busy implementing the powerful exercises you share in the video section. I already look forward to immerse in your Cosmic Radio podcast and to soak up all the wisdom you share! Thank you Dada, you are a true gift to this world."
Deborah, 27
"I am very fascinated by the effect of the last community Reisa. The next morning I got up completely different - it felt like I was reborn! Thank you!"
Manuela, 40
"Thank you for the incredibly beautiful and healing community Reisa yesterday. My body tingled from head to toe and I felt sooo carried and supported. I fell asleep and woke up this morning full of new energy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are amazing!"
Deborah, 28
"Thank you for the community Reisa, it was great again! And I've been doing really well since then. Even if something isn't going so well, I stay relaxed and more in my center. Thank you with all my heart!"
Steven, 35
"Already when writing about my three topics while booking I had a feeling of trust and security and wrote from the heart. The joint work was very beneficial, special and exciting. I had a warm body sensation, warm, pulsating palms, sometimes palpitations and I felt deeply relaxed and safe during the whole time. The voice message and the other skills were very healing and helpful. Dada is incredibly attentive and empathetic. And above all: super authentic! Great work. I would do it again anytime."
Alina, 26
"The Reisa has opened my eyes to how I can stand up for my interest and my progress, without hurting others or feeling resentment for what happened. I feel strengthened to take the necessary steps. Dada is a very understanding and loving person. Thank you very much!"
Esther, 57
"I did a shamanic Reisa with Dada Chi in late January. I have worked in the past with a number of people using a range of different techniques and special skills for readings, energy work, and other forms of spiritual and energetic assistance, yet I wasn't sure what to expect in this session. She asked me to send an email in advance of the session with a couple of issues/areas I wanted to work on, which was a great way to start. This helped me clear my own mental clutter and focus on what was most "up" and also most important for me at the time. It also was a great reminder that it is the responsibility of the student to learn, and of the patient to heal. Narrowing down my key issues also helped focus the session into a truly insightful and profoundly helpful experience. I could tell instantly when our session started as the energy being sent was unmistakable in its clarity, strength, and gentle soothing. For 30 minutes, I bathed in the energy flow and allowed myself to receive the transmission, feeling safe and held the entire time. I felt refreshed and energized at the end of the session. Dada sent a recording of what she saw during the session and it was insightful, precise, and accurate. She received a clear understanding of what my issues were and ways I could work through them to a best result. My inner self recognized what she said as truth and it felt warm and reassuring to hear what she had intuited and received as information/knowledge during the session. I've listened several times to the recording she sent me over the past few weeks and continue to find it helpful. I can highly recommend doing a shamanic session with Dada Chi, as the energy she conveys is pure and her abilities as a channel are clear, light, and true."
Jennifer, 49
"After the Reisa, I felt awesome and re-energized. Two weeks have passed and I still feel the energy of the shamanic session – I am more reconnected to my own core than before, which feels fantastic."
Hugo, 38
"Wow, I'm really overwhelmed and also relieved. I think your description of the young plant that shakes off the mud is absolutely appropriate - it applies very much to my current situation and I can fully identify with it. I am currently in a big separation- / letting go process, which is very important to me and I am glad that so much was transformed in this hour; I feel liberated and very grateful. The melody feels wonderful - I am really absolutely overwhelmed and found the session very cool and pleasant! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – this Reisa was exactly what I needed!"
Daniela, 24
"I don't even know where to start. First a huge thank you, thank you for your being, your energy, your time and this wonderful journey! I haven't felt like this in a long time. Energies flowed through my body in pastel tones, it felt like my outward particles were gushing back into me. It felt like a spiral that sucked everything back in, a spiral connected to my belly button. That was an incredibly comforting feeling - I am so grateful! Merlin, my dog, felt you too, I noticed that when he suddenly started smacking loudly, this moment made me so happy, he smacked so much, he really enjoyed it! I just listened to your voice recording - also for that I am very grateful, I find it very interesting and nice that whenever I hear you speak, my energy field changes, I feel an energy flow flowing through me and I get goose bumps all over my body. It's beautiful, SO beautiful - thanks for all of this! Thank you for this wonderful, magical connection! I will certainly listen to your message, the song and the melody over and over again!"
Natalie, 27
"Sometimes I saw and experienced exciting color combinations, sometimes I spontaneously filled my energy field with love. I feel light, motivated and delighted. I also really like the audio files - what a beautiful melody and song that is just for me! I look forward to listening to it at least once a day - beautiful. Thank you so much, Dada - it is an enrichment to know you."
Cornelia, 54
"Thank you very much for this amazing experience. It feels like I am in complete alignment with my self and my purpose after the Reisa. Your voice in the message and the melody you’ve sent me take me back to the space I’ve entered during the session everytime I listen to them. All in all this was one of the most magical experiences I’ve had so far in this lifetime, and I can’t thank you enough for it. Thanks for doing that spring cleansing to my Torus field, I feel totally renewed and up for new adventures! Shine on you wonderful being."
Livia, 25
"I really liked my Reisa. During the session I saw all my dreams in front of me – like a movie they were played one after the other. This has triggered different feelings and emotions in me. I could feel the big fire that Dada sparked inside of me from my little flame during the session. I knew the transmission was over when I saw Dada’s face in front of me and I suddenly got cold. The personal message following the session helps me a lot and I appreciate your feedback and your advice, Dada!"
Saskia, 26
"I was so looking forward to our Reisa, and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the wonderful audio files. It was wonderful to share this experience with you - today, for the first time in years, I feel truly ready to move on. Thank you very much for everything and all my love to you!"
Manuela, 36
"After the Reisa, I felt very light and had a very deep sense of trust in me. When I heard your audio recording, I had to cry first. It was a feeling of sadness, but in a good way. It did not feel hard. The more you said, the more confidence I felt. Trust in me that I’m on the right track. After I heard the recording, I also knew why I felt dizzy :D. I’m still overwhelmed and have to digest everything that happened further. I’ll probably listen to the recordings very often. Thank you so much for this experience, dear Dada!"
Madleina, 27