Fiery Air

Fiery Air


Your astral body feels almost like it doesn’t exist today. That means too much fire – thoughts that downplay visions, suppress ideas instead of giving them space for expression. Fiery air needs more earth to balance out.

But, first of all, it is important that you express what you have experienced in the journey through your astral body. Sit down and portray what you have experienced. This can be done through words, or through colors, through pictures, drawings, collages – there are no limits to your imagination. It is important that you give the inner, spiritual experience an external, material expression, because in this way the connection between your soul and the astral part of your self is strengthened and anchored more deeply.

After you’ve expressed your experience, here’s how to balance your fiery air with earth:

Empower yourself to translate your inner desires into outer deeds. Just do it – it could turn out good! Create a space for yourself in which you can just act. Without judgment, without inhibitions, just do whatever comes to mind – as long as it doesn’t hurt another being, you have the right to do whatever you want. In this way you get on the track of your emotional and mental inhibitions and can solve those that do not work for you.

Yay! Today’s journey through your Aura is accomplished – be proud of yourself. If you wish to dive even deeper, check out Enso Elea!



Pick a vision or dream that feels good right now. Example: You live in a world where there is no more money. Then imagine how you will lead your life when this dream is your absolute reality. How would you behave, how would you shape your life if everything were exactly the same, but you neither have to pay for something nor would you be paid for something? Live in your imagination for a whole day of your everyday life in this new form of reality. See in your mind’s eye how you go to the supermarket, take what you need, and leave without paying. Imagine how you do an activity that fulfills you and not get paid for it. How does that feel? Surrender to this feeling, to this reality, to this vision. Further examples could be: You live in a world in which there is no longer any shortage, You live in a world in which everyone meets with openness and love, You live on a completely different planet with different social, cultural and economic structures, and so forth. There are no limits to your imagination! The more weird and extraterrestrial your ideas, the better.

Look at creative and inspiring content, listen to creative and inspiring podcasts or read such books via Google Books

Future-oriented, positive, nurturing and inspiring conversations of all kinds – 

regardless of whether you take part in them yourself or simply listen or watch

Meet with beings who inspire you and who evoke new perspectives, new ways of thinking and feeling within you


For a whole week, record which visions and dreams you see. No matter whether it is panic attacks, nightmares, horror visions or wonderful visions of the future, stories from other times or dimensions, fairy tales, real situations or fantasies: Record them all in some form. Drawing or painting is more effective here than writing, because the mental body already filters what is perceived during writing. Painting is more intuitive; You can paint your visions as they show up, or you can paint them using shapes, colors, layers and dimensions. It is completely unimportant what this vision and dream diary looks like in the end; The only important thing is that the pictures in it express the visions and dreams you have experienced as precisely as possible. On the one hand you relieve your astral body from negative vibrations with this exercise, and on the other hand you give it more space to show itself.

Meet with familiar, loving beings and create a space in which there is no evaluation, just expression and reflection. Then everyone expresses their visions and dreams creatively, be it through painting, writing, handicrafts, drawing, designing a computer graphic, programming a code, composing a melody. Then you can do as you wish; Either everyone just leaves this room with their creation, or you all stay and devote yourself to something else, or you present your creations to each other (this is possible with or without an explanation), or you go into an active analysis of the individual and collective processes that have expressed themselves through your creations. Each of these variants strengthens your connection with each other and a regular repetition of such sessions sooner or later leads to the possibility of active holographic telepathy among the participants.

Create, create, create – no matter what, be it a leaf mandala on the autumn forest floor, a little lullaby for your baby, drawing a candle, mend a pair of pants, go on a vision quest, invent a new word, grow a new type of mushroom – create, create, create!

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