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Djeli Chi

Are you also a little bored with what the world is dealing with and somehow have the feeling that there has to be more?

My Mom Dada felt like this for most of her life – the surface was seldom interesting enough to capture her attention. 

She always wanted to know what lies behind things… which structures are subject to the obvious. Because if you know the structures, you can build new worlds.

New inner worlds, for example, which are then automatically mirrored in outer worlds.

What is an inner world?, you might be thinking right now.

Well, your inner world is how you treat yourself.  What relationship you have with yourself.

This relationship is then reflected in the outside world, and both together make up your experience of reality.

Few in mainstream business are interested in transforming your inner world into a beautiful world.

Because those who maintain a healthy relationship with themselves do not consume goods or substances in excess and are not trapped in the urge to perform in order to prove themselves.

So those who maintain a healthy relationship with themselves are, simply put, free.

Their shadows can no longer be used against them because they tamed them themself.

Dada was passionate about making the tools she uses in shamanic work to transform the shadows of her clients into their allies available to all – no matter how much they own, where they live, or how spiritual they are.

So if you want to embark on a journey to yourself and create a healthy relationship with yourself in the process, you can do so with the Gnothi Seauton Web-App for free and without any advertisement.

If you would like to delve deeper into the whole topic, I recommend subscribing to Enso Elea.

As a thank you for your subscription, you will receive the eBook of Dada’s last book “Being Human – A Travel Guide” as a gift and you can activate it in your account right away.

Enso Elea also contains a lot of exclusive content such as exercises that make everyday life in the human body easier for you, Dada’s Cosmic Radio Podcast and the Da’atsangs, which deal with the topics of the self and support you with shadow integration.

Our concern is always that one day you will no longer need us, but that everything you have learned has been translated into your everyday life and that you can face life freely, strongly and independently.

How long this takes always depends on the effort of the individual and their karma; But everyone who uses Gnothi Seauton and Enso Elea in their life is guaranteed to achieve success.

If you can’t afford the CHF 19 that Enso Elea costs a month, send me an email to and we will finance your subscription from donations that always come in from generous members of our community.