Gnothi Seauton

Djeli Chi

Welcome! I am Djeli, your Shaman here at Gnothi Seauton.

Gnothi Seauton supports you in connecting your consciousness, that means your eternal soul, with the four ephemeral bodies of your human vessel so that you can lead a free life in integrity, authenticity, and inner peace.

The aim of Gnothi Seauton is to guarantee a safe space where you can explore who you really are. A space where you can meet your emotions, thoughts, visions and physical sensations in depth and without judgement.

After each of the body meditations, choose the most corresponding color and click on it. Once you finished reading what the color revealed, go on to the next color.

With each of these body journeys you will learn more about yourself and, if you like, gain further insights in how to take good care of your four human bodies.

If you don’t have enough time to travel through all of your bodies, that doesn’t matter. Then, just travel through the body that calls for you the most at the moment.

I am really looking forward to being your companion on this journey within –

Yalla Yalla, let’s go!

Koyopa Tune In DE

Tune into your Koyopa:

Koyopa is the serpent of light that resides in your Hara. The Hara is the seat of the soul in the human body, and is located two finger widths below the navel in the center of the body. Koyopa, also known as Kundalini in Hinduism, is an ethereal form that we use in shamanism to focus, strengthen, and nourish our Chi.

Physical Body Tune In

Tune into your Physical Body:

Your physical body is the one you are already most familiar with. However, you have never been told the importance of having a healthy relationship with this body.

In today’s world, a great deal of emphasis is placed on what the physical body looks like. Somehow no one will credit it for being a miracle because it works so perfectly – until the physical body becomes sick.

See, every physical body is beautiful because it is perfect in its imperfection. One strengthens one’s relationship with the physical body by loving it for what it is. Thank it for breathing, blinking, making your heart beat on its own.

Be grateful to your physical body for it carries your consciousness and all other bodies so strongly and courageously through the matrix of the earthly sphere. And forgive it if it gets sick or is no longer able to do something so well.

What the physical body does for humans every day is just incredible – thank your cells for loving you so much that they constantly divide to prove their love to you.

Emotional Body Tune In

Tune into your Emotional Body:

Your emotional body is what you are probably most afraid of. Because in the world in which you grew up, everything had to be rationally understandable. But the emotional body is not.

It doesn’t even want to be understood. It wants to be expressed. It wants space for this expression. But since it does not work rationally, i.e. logically, it cannot tell you how long it will need this space. How much and how loud it will express itself.

That scares humans, and that’s why they like to close themselves off from their emotional body. But this body is your friend; it has a lot to tell you.

The best way to strengthen the emotional body is to give it space. By trusting it that it will not run over you. And by generously forgiving it if it does.

You can talk to your emotional body, it hears you. For example, you can tell it that it’s overwhelming you and it’ll speak more quietly.

Trust that each of your feelings has its justification, and express it. Always remember that your feelings are messages to you, not to the outside world.

So make sure that the expression of your feelings does not harm other living beings or target them, because those on the outside can trigger feelings in you, but the feelings belong to you and therefore want to be understood by you.

Only you understand their language, because only you know your inner being. 

Mental Body Tune In

Tune into your Mental Body:

Your mental body is probably a terrain that you know well. This is the place where everything is classified, evaluated, meaning sought and mostly found.

The mental body is insanely strong, and the system we are living in right now is very related to the mental body and its performance. This ensures that the mental body of many people is completely overloaded and reacts to this excessive pressure with panic attacks and anxiety.

An example: People want to solve all of their problems with the mental body. When you have to decide, you usually make a list of pros and cons.

The joke is that the mental body always contains both extremes because it has two sides; a positive and a negative one. In other words, it will always find pros, but also always cons.

The only tool that really helps in making a decision is the interaction of all four bodies; The astral body makes suggestions, the mental body weighs them up, the emotional body feels into them and finally the physical body implements what was decided in the committee of the other bodies.

If you often have difficulty making decisions, you now know why; If you use Gnothi Seauton regularly, these decision- making difficulties should disappear.

So if you want to strengthen your mental body, be generous with it. Take the burden off its shoulders by making it understand that it doesn’t have to solve everything on its own, but that the other bodies help it, and it will calm down over time.

Astral Body Tune In

Tune into your Astral Body:

Your astral body is probably the one you haven’t heard much about before. Just as the physical body is your connection to the earth, your astral body is your connection to the universe.

Unlike the other three bodies, it is semi-eternal; In other words, your astral body accompanies you through all your incarnations, be they as a person on Earth or as another form on another planet.

Your astral body has already experienced and seen a lot, which is why it does not fear infinity but embraces it. In a world where the leading system is based on an individual’s existential fear, this very often leads to unpleasant incidents such as anxiety attacks.

That’s because the astral body does not judge; it perceives something and then shoots the appropriate images into the body system. Its job is to make suggestions; the astral body is the body of inspiration.

This can always turn out on both sides, which is why it is especially important for the astral body that we reside our consciousness in all bodies, because only in this way will it be connected to the physical body via the emotional and mental bodies, and this anchor is much needed for the astral body to function in a healthy, constructive way.