Ho'oponopono - Forgiveness Is A Key

Forgiveness is not as important to the forgiven as it is important to the forgiver. 

We have all been hurt, intentionally or unknowingly, by other people. Unfortunately, often precisely from those people who were or are very close to us. However, if we don’t heal these wounds, they bleed all over our future. 

They allow us to develop protective patterns in ourselves that keep us from our happiness, because your today isn’t responsible for your yesterday. 

Forgiving is easiest for me when I realize all the good that came out of the betrayal, the pain.  How tall I’ve grown as a result. Then I can forgive whoever was on the other side of the drama. With all my heart. Because I can now thank this person for the growth and the width they gave me. 

There is nothing bad in the world, only a lot that is painful. In the Hawaiian healing culture called Huna, there is a ritual called Ho’oponopono that involves forgiveness. I’ve experienced many wonderful healings through this prayer – here is a beautiful instruction: