Tyr - Intention

Isn’t it interesting how much our perception is subject to our focus? Like in a photograph, everything in the background blurs except the thing we focus on. Depending on what we hold in our focus, our reality feels very different.

For example, if my focus is on all the things I do not have, but would like to have, I don’t feel that good. I feel as if I am missing something, although objectively speaking, that is not the case. I do not miss this object of desire – I just do not own it.

On the other hand, if my focus is on all the people, moments and things that fulfill me and for whose role in my life I feel deep gratitude, I feel good. I feel balanced and a sense of love permeates me. My focus is therefore largely responsible for how I think and feel. The thing I focus on takes me over, in a way.

Day in, day out my focus creates my reality – whether this reality appears positive or negative to me, has to do with how much I take responsibility for my focus and its control. If I direct my focus to my own garden with positive intentions, no matter how much weeds proliferate in it, this garden will bloom in time as I pay attention to it and nourish it.

This happens with everything I focus on; No matter if this something in my focus is perceived by me as positive or negative, I nourish it by my focus and the underlying intention. The intention plays an extremely important role; For example, if I turn to my own garden with rage or disgust at the weeds that proliferate in it, and criticize myself for this mess, my intent is likely to be rather negative, and more weeds will sprout up.

Intention is a tool of the mind, the mental structure of my deeds. My intent largely determines my focus and therefore the outcome of my actions – it’s the structure behind them, the motivation I’m doing something out of, the code that makes my actions happen the way they do.

Animals are very good at sensing human intentions; they don’t come too near to the one who wants them evil, whereas they meet the one who is pure in heart openly and cordially.

The intention is also the main tool in every ritual, be it ancient or modern. First, the intent determines whether the ritual is white or black magic: If the intent is a self-serving one, the resulting magic is blacker than the new moon night. If the intent is a nonprofit one, the resulting magic is whiter than the fresh snow. It should be said that magic was and is nothing more than the mastery of all mental, emotional and astral tools; The religious wars mutilated not only the alchemists and the witches, but also their great heritage. But more about that on another day.

Second, as mentioned in the beginning, the intention is the mental structure of a creation, also in every ritual. The intention is the structure, the code that makes up the final result. Say, my intention forms the ritual as well as its result.

But my intention not only has an influence on possible rituals; It has an impact on my entire reality. It is, as already mentioned, the reason why I am doing something the way I do it.

And here comes the focus into play again – only through a clear intention can I create a clear focus. This is very important when working with symbols of any kind, as well.

As the little seed contains all the information for the mighty tree, so does our intention. It is the beginning, the origin, which at the same time already contains a vision of the end, the creation.

It’s up to us to sow these seeds wisely.