Learning to read Life

Das Leben Lesen Lernen Runen legen lernen Wyn

I have an extremely extensive collection of cards, which would probably make every witch heart beat faster.

If you would like to delve deeper into working with cards, I can give you an insight into this world during a Chi Session – from classic tarot to light code tarots and shamanic potency tarots, reading power animal cards, Mayan cards and Runes, everything is there, and I am very happy to introduce you to individual card systems during our private lessons.

If you prefer to leave the card or Rune interpretation to others, I am of course very happy to lay out cards or Runes for you and your current situation and interpret them.

It is important for me to note that I very consciously do not look into the future. The future results from how we deal with the past in the now, in other words, with an interpretation of the future I change this future automatically, which in my opinion makes the entire process unnecessary.

My interpretation focuses on the current situation, because I am convinced that life is constantly communicating with us. The more space and understanding we give to this communication, the more pleasant our experience of reality becomes. The more we oppose it, the more strenuous our experience of reality becomes.

Cards and Runes as well as pendulums represent an excellent access to this communication – if I understand what my now wants to tell me, I can learn from my past and thus shape my future myself. And that is exactly what my readings and my lessons in reading cards or Runes focus on.

There’s even a deck of cards already available that includes one of my artworks! Namely the “Soul Alchemist Cards” by my dear artist friend Janine Landtwing, in which card number seven with the theme “Unity – Evolving Consciousness” features an artwork by me. If you are interested, you can order this mesmerizing card deck set via Janine’s Website.

Das Leben Lesen Lernen Karten legen lernen Unity
Unity – My Card in Janine’s Soul Alchemy Cards Deck