Master the Art of Being Human



If you feel weird on planet Earth, or like you don’t belong here at all, or that nobody gets you, I feel you very much. I was in this place, too, and I know how dark it can be.

After studying shamanic practices and emerging from this dark spot with their help, I made it my life mission to assist other people on this path, which I call “The Connection of Self and Soul”.

You deserve to live a life that feels worth living. You deserve to love yourself unconditionally. And you deserve to live a life free from social, cultural, political and religious conditionings.

I wrote a program that assists you in emancipating yourself from mental limitations, so that you can live a free life as a human being with a cosmic soul.

There are several ways to immerse in this program:

The Colours of the Aura


Are you a reader? Then, the book is your starting point.

Being Human – A Travel Guide contains the map; in it I explain the collective Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious of Human Beings, as well as the individual counterparts which are the Inner Child, the Ego and the Higher Self.

I also explain the four human bodies which make up one complete human Aura in detail, show you how we process information as humans, and what the Soul actually is. But the most important part of the book is that it teaches you a loving relationship with your Human Self and the world at large.



Are you rather a person that likes to dive head first into new experiences without too much theoretical background? Then, Gnothi Seauton is your starting point.

It is a Web-App in which you have the space to meet all of your light and shadow aspects in a non-judging environment and intuitively learn how to work with your Aura. You are guided through Gnothi Seauton by Djeli, the astral Shaman in my Team.

Enso Elea Krone


Do you like to get to the bottom of things, but also to experience them directly at the same time? Then, Enso Elea is your starting point.

By subscribing to this Inner Circle, you get a free e-book copy of “Being Human – A Travel Guide” and gain access to my full body of work.

Every month, a new Symbol, Podcast and Reisa are released exclusively in Enso Elea, which all assist you in doing shadow work in a joyful way and learning to love Being Human for what it is: an astonishingly beautiful, yet strong journey.

Digital Dada Weiss


If you feel like you wanna take a deep dive into my map, the Astral Projection All In One Bundle is your starting point. This program contains 11 Bundles, with each of which you work for three continuous weeks.

Together, we work through all the layers of your human Self, like the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies, as well as through the aggregate states your consciousness can take, like the Inner Child, the Ego and the Higher Self. If you take the full time advised with this bundle, you can immerse yourself in a beautiful training that lasts around 231 days.



Are you someone that really appreciates One-on-One Coaching? Then, a Chi Session with me is your starting point.

Within such a Skype Meeting, I hold space for all of your angels and demons, aka all of your light and your shadow, to emerge and be nurtured.

Together, we explore where you currently stand and how we can initiate you into higher dimensions of living out the human you joyfully.