Meditation Ritual Crown Chakra Activation

Meditation Ritual

IMPORTANT: Please read the entire instruction manual carefully before you begin.

You’ll need:

 – Incense burner*

 – Aluminum foil

 – Dried lavender flowers

 – Cinammon

 – Bowl

 – Tealight

 – Amethyst tumbled stone (flat enough to rest comfortably on the crown of your head)

 – If possible, clothes and towels in violet, the color of the Crown Chakra, or gold, the color of the Universal Chi


Put on relaxing music and, if possible, dress in the colors of the Crown Chakra or Universal Chi, i.e. purple or gold.

Put some lavender flowers and cinnamon in the bowl.

Mix the two together with your fingers and focus on your intention: to activate your Crown Chakra. You can also ask the lavender blossoms and the cinnamon powder directly, in spoken words, to support you in realizing this intention. They will be very happy to be recognized and addressed by you as independent beings!

Place a layer of aluminum foil on the mesh of the incense burner and fill it with the lavender and cinnamon mixture. Then place the incense burner in a safe place, as close as possible to your meditation spot, and place the amethyst next to it. Light the tea light and thank it, too for its wonderful service.

Turn off the meditation music and sit in your meditation spot.

Take a few minutes to fully immerse yourself in the here and now. Notice how the scent of lavender and cinnamon slowly spreads around you and triggers a pleasantly warm feeling in you.

Then breathe in this smell through your nose, pull it up to your third eye and then let it flow from there upwards and fill your Crown Chakra.

Exhale through your mouth and visualize all the slags of the past that are now dissolving from your Crown Chakra flowing out of your body system through your mouth and becoming food for Mother Earth.

As soon as you realize that everything is cleaned, you can breathe in and out through your nose.

Notice how your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra feel much lighter and cleaner.

Then place the amethyst on your Crown Chakra and notice how its energy feels heavy with the weight of the crystal.

Draw this heaviness, in all its clarity and foresight, into your Crown Chakra.

You can imagine more of the power of amethyst flowing into your Crown Chakra with each breath, as this Crown Chakra Lotus Chalice opens upward and shines with the nourishment it receives from lavender, cinnamon and amethyst.

Stay in this meditation as long as you like.

Once you are ready to return, thank the amethyst spirit for the power it has shared with you and disconnect through visualization.

Then you take the amethyst from the top of your head and put it next to the incense burner.

If possible, let the tealight burn out as a thank you to the spirits who helped you with this ritual. Once it has burned down, throw the tea light and the leftover lavender and cinnamon into the regular trash (once they have cooled!).  If you cannot leave the tea light burning for safety reasons, then do not blow it out! In magick, elements should not be erased with other elements. That means: blowing is not possible, because the element is air. You can’t get your fingers wet either, because the element is water. But: You can extinguish the tea light with a spoon by smothering its flame (or, like me, teach yourself how not to burn yourself when extinguishing a lit candle, even with dry fingers). Then wait until everything has cooled down and throw it away – please do not use the tea light candle or the incense mixture a second time, they are used up when your meditation ritual is complete and no longer contain any energy.

*preferably an incense burner without coal, i.e. a sieve over a tea light candle. If you don’t have one, you can use one with charcoal. A third option is to use an oil diffuser with lavender and cinnamon oils. Here you can mix the oils with the water and, while doing so, get in touch with the spirit of lavender and cinnamon to communicate your intention to them.

For best results, repeat this meditation ritual for 21 days at a time, at more or less the same time of the day.

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