The Teachings of Pain

The Teachings Of Pain

I wrote the following poem in 2015. It became an important guiding star of everything I create:  Never looking to take away the pain, but rather embracing it, absorbing it completely, until it transforms itself from the ashes of the burned past into a beautiful phoenix of newfound insight. Today, in my Chi Sessions, I accompany people through this process.

It’s not important
that you say something

The only thing that matters
is that you are sitting here…
is that you are sitting here with me –
with me and my pain.

Please don’t try
to explain it to me.
Don’t even start to try
to take my pain away from me.

Can you sit here
with my pain
and accept it?

Accept that it eats me?
Or at least that
which we define as “me”.

Can you see beyond?
Can you accept this pain
in all its transformative guise?

Remember – it’s a part of me.

It’s not important
that you say or do anything.

Just sit here
with us,
because like any emotion
this pain will go away –
and who knows what it will teach me?

It only shares its knowledge
if I don’t fight it –

but how am I supposed to do that,
when everyone else flees from it,hides from it,
instead of moving to peace?

I can only move to peace
by sitting here.

It is important
that you are sitting here with me.