The pearl is a symbol of inner growth. Do you know how it is made? A grain of sand or other foreign body such as a mite or similar finds its way inside a shell.

The shell cannot spit out the foreign body, so she encapsulates it in the innermost layer of her mantle, which is made of mother-of-pearl. From this encapsulation, the pearl develops over time.

It is the same with us humans;  when we are born, we are whole. Then certain things happen on the outside that invade our wholeness. Since we as children are not yet able to spit out these grains of sand, we encapsulate them.

After we have grown older and stronger, we then have the power to nourish and transform these traumas in the form of grains of sand with a lot of love until they become a beautiful pearl that we can then give to the world and thus also to ourselves. This is how our wound becomes our gift.

It is not for nothing that the pearl stands for innocence, purity and joy that came from pain.  And it is not for nothing that the jay, the power animal of my work, holds a pearl in its beak on the Dada Chi soul picture from Vanillery Garden, which it places in the middle of a torus field.

This is exactly what my work is, no matter which of my offers you book: To support you in transforming your grains of sand into pearls.

The jay as a power animal stands for our connection to the spiritual world and the four cardinal points as well as the five elements. He embodies the mental knowledge of the wholeness of everything that is, was and will be.

My totem animal, i.e. the animal to which my spirit corresponds most and which my soul has incarnated as many times, is the panther. When I work and travel shamanically, a jay and an owl always sit on my shoulders and show me the way through the Otherworld.

The power and wisdom of these flying companions has given me many insights. And since the jay, unlike the snowy owl and the panther, lives in my native lands, I have chosen it to be the totem of my work – along with the pearl, since I have a deep connection to the world’s oceans and the treasures that can only be found in the depths. In the background you see the universe in all its wise vastness, from which all energy comes and to which it returns.