Power Symbols

Symbols have been around for thousands of years – wherever you look, archaeological sites are littered with signs. I’m fascinated by the roots of this imagery, and I devote much of my time to researching information about symbols.

Symbolism has been spread throughout the planet since time immemorial, and most symbols are similar, even if they come from cultures that, according to history, never came into contact with each other.

I call this the universal language of symbols, since they do not address our mind, but our heart, our intuitive self. Most people would be amazed at how much an arrow can say or a triangle can symbolize.

After years of study of the symbols and their meaning, I began to create symbols that are completely tailored to their wearer. These symbols are useful, for example, for revealing new abilities or strengthening existing ones. They can serve as a guidepost on the soul path, as an expression of the innermost self, or as a sign of rooting in one’s own core.

If you’d like to work with a Power Symbol, there are two options; Either you buy the one you like from my Shop, or I channel your personal Power Symbol.

If you choose the channeled version, you can tell me via the contact form below which properties your personal Power Symbol should contain. On request, I can also work with your date of birth and the matching horoscopes and symbols. If you want to leave the creative process entirely to me, without giving your own input, I thank you sincerely for your trust.

After completion, you will receive your Symbol as a vector file by e-mail (if you prefer a specific format, just let me know), which you can freely use for a lifetime, be it as a tattoo, logo, for other designs, as a talisman or for meditation. Also, this e-mail will contain a text file with the description of the individual integrated symbols.

If you would like to order your personal Power Symbol from me, just send me a request via the contact form below with all the information you want to include in your Power Symbol. I will contact you immediately with all further information as well as the payment details.

The price for a channeled Power Symbol of approximately 8cm in size is CHF 147.00 – payments are possible via bank transfer or PayPal.