Being Human – A Travel Guide

In “Being Human – A Travel Guide”, I let you in on my perspective of the world.

What is God?

What is the Otherworld or the Hereafter?

What is a human being?

And what is its’ purpose?

Why is living on Earth so painful at the moment?

And how can one ease this pain in the best way possible?

Is there extraterrestrial life?

How do I personally define “life” – is something that is conscious, but has no physical body, alive?

My life experience has gifted me with my own answers to these questions, and by publishing them I aim to inspire others to turn within and study their very own perception and experience of reality.

Besides lots of philosophical and spiritual insights, “Being Human” contains a manual for the practice of Loving Self-Reflection.

This practice is a great tool for anyone struggling with himself or the outside world.

Within the Gnothi Seauton App, one can train the practice of Loving Self-Reflection in a playful and fun way.

Also, you’ll find the eBook version of “Being Human” in Gnothi Seauton’s Enso Elea.


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