Initiation Reisa

The Initiation Reisa is a special form of Reisa that tunes you into the fifth dimension of perception. This means that your perception will expand and you will be able to perceive more different levels of reality than before. This Reisa must be done on the same day and at the same time for three consecutive weeks. If you feel ready to actively create the golden age on the fine and gross levels through your energy field, this is the perfect Reisa for you.

Each of the three sessions lasts around 90 minutes and takes place over the phone via Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp. You can choose the time freely; Just tell me at least three appointment options and your time zone in the comment field of your order.

Please note that you have to be available on this weekday and at this time for three weeks in a row.



Stay tuned, the Gnothi Seauton App is coming soon!