Magick Essence

The Magick Essence is a wonderful daily companion that should not be missing in any handbag with its fragrance, its colors and the crystal power it contains. Each Essence is unique and is put together by hand and with a lot of love for you and your personal topics.

Also, all essences are made from sustainably and organically produced essential oils of the best quality and healing stones from fair sources and are additionally energized with a symbol. Your Essence can act as a Talisman or Amulet – it all depends on your wishes. If you want to let go of something, I will create an amulet for you. If you want to invite something, I will create a talisman for you.

If you have a current topic that you want the Magick Essence to help you with, please add it in the comment field of your order.

The Crystals, Oils and Symbol on the Bottle are all chosen by me intuitively Рif you are hypersensitive or pregnant, please let me know in the comment field of your order, so I can adjust the scents contained in the Bottle to your current circumstances. The Magick Essence comes with a sound that you can sing to activate the intention within the Bottle and a description of the individual parts, the effect and the application.


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