Magick Spray

The Magick Spray smells wonderfully soft of essential oils and lets you float carefree through the day. It is suitable to energize your altar or ritual objects, to get in contact with spirits, as a room spray or body scent. Each Spray contains a mixture of flowers and healing stones, spirits of wine and various essential oils and almond oil and is tailored to your current topic.

The Magick Spray consists of sustainably and organically produced essential oils of the best quality and healing stones from fair sources and is additionally energized with a hand-painted Fatima Eye made of glass paint. The Eye of Fatima and the glass spray bottle (10ml) as well as the crystals it contains can be used elsewhere once you have used up your Magick Spray.

Where an Essence is primarily noticeable by the wearer, a spray spreads more in the air around the wearer due to the alcohol it contains and is therefore also more noticeable by others. A description of the individual components, the effect and the application is included with each Spray. You also get a sound that you can speak to activate your Magick Spray.

Each Magick Spray is made with love and intention using the finest essential oils and the purest crystals. In addition, each Magick Spray is unique and only made on request. If you have a topic that you would like the Magick Spray to support you in, please add it to the comment field of your order.

The crystals, oils and symbols on the flacon are all chosen intuitively by me – if you are hypersensitive or pregnant, please let me know in the comments section of your order, so I can tailor the scents contained in the flacon to your current circumstances.

I only use fully documented individual parts produced by qualified manufacturers and enclose a comprehensive description and instructions with your Magick Spray. When using this product, you take full responsibility for any allergies and sensitivities of your physical body.


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