Magick Vibration

This Magick Vibration Pouch is crafted with lots of love and intention and made with the finest fabrics and the purest crystals. Each Magick Vibration Pouch is unique and created on demand only. The Magick Vibration Pouch can be used instead of a Shaman Drum whenever the sound of the drum would be too loud or disturbing for others.

Within the pouch is a mix of different crystals, always including Clear Quartz. Also, the pouch containts Palo Santo – in combination with the Crystals, the Magick Vibration Pouch is self-cleansing. Each time you rattle it or vibrate with it, it gets activated and cleansed at the same time. To use the Magick Vibration Pouch, simply hold it in one hand and either slap on the bottom with your other hand, or use your knee to slap it on.

The Magick Vibration Pouch is always attuned to the frequency of its owner and should not be passed onto others. If you use your Magick Vibration Pouch in healing settings with others, please make sure that you are the only human that vibrates it. Like any usual Shaman Drum, it is a high-vibrational tool that should not be passed on until it’s owner has passed on him:herself.

On the outside, another Crystal is contained. Mostly, Dumortierite (as shown in the pictures) is used as an adornment and for protection, because it has tremendous value within the metaphysical realms of working. Nonetheless, sometimes other Crystals call for this place – I let my intuition guide me in what is contained within your personal Pouch, as well as what it is adorned with.

The Magick Vibration Pouch comes with a sound that you can sing to activate the loving intention within the Pouch.


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