Shamanic Power Symbol

A shamanic Power Symbol is a personal symbol I channel for you. It is based on either the intentions and powers you wish to absorb through the symbol or your birth signs and numerology. Adjustments are of course possible after creation.

I can create shamanic Power Symbols for humans as a personal soul compass, or also channel certain qualities into a symbol that you can use as a logo for your business or a meditation tool.

You can get your shamanic Power Symbol tattooed by me or another artist, or you can freely use it for any other non-commercial purposes.

Once created, you will receive an e-mail with a digital file of your shamanic Power Symbol as well as a text file that explains in detail any inspirational or formative components of the symbol, including links to your Celtic Tree Horoscope and your Mayan sign.

Please add your date of birth or the powers you wish your symbol to have in the comment field of your order!

If you order this Power Symbol for a Handpoke Tattoo Ritual with me, please mention any wishes regarding your Symbol design as well as placement on the body in the comment field of your order. I will reach out shortly to fix an appointment for our Ritual with you.

If you do not want to get your shamanic Power Symbol tattooed, you can also paint it onto your left or right hand (the left hand represents what we receive, absorb, put closer to our hearts, the right hand represents what we pass on, give away, gift to the outside reality) or visualize it in front of your inner eye to create a deeper connection with yourself.