Tiny Magick Jar

The Tiny Magick Jar is an invaluable daily companion. Each Tiny Magick Jar contains a blend of herbs, woods, resins, and healing stones perfectly matched to the theme you tell me when you place your order.

Thus, each jar is absolutely unique in terms of effect and composition. It comes with a loop so you can hang it on your window, over your bed, or on your car rear view mirror, from where it will bless and protect you every day.

The Tiny Magick Jar is made from sustainably and organically produced ingredients of the best quality and healing stones from fair sources and is additionally energized with a silver wire symbol. In addition, after completion, it is firmly sealed with wax and a cosmic sign.

Your Jar can act as a Talisman or Amulet – it all depends on your wishes. If you want to let go of something, I will create an amulet for you. If you want to invite something, I will create a talisman for you.

A description of the individual parts, the effect and the application is supplied with each jar. You will also receive a sound that you can speak to activate your Tiny Magick Jar.


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