A Reisa is a shamanic healing journey within the self, guided by an experienced Samana, a multidimensional travel guide. Usually, Reisa are aural, like a guided healing meditation or a sonic soundscape created by a shaman during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Reisa are the most ancient tool of healing and have a very strong effect on mind, body and soul. Not only do they strengthen and deepen your connection of Self and Soul in a very unique and empowering way, but also they rid you of any patterns within yourself that are holding you back.

Reisa is the word root of english “to rise”, and this is exactly what Reisa’s do. They rise the Self and the Soul above the small, narrow perspective of the mind, which has an everlasting healing effect on the risen being as a whole.

Plenty of recorded aural Reisa can be found exclusively in the Gnothi Seauton App’s Enso Elea. Personal Reisa can also be booked.

Here’s a very short variant of an aural Reisa, a guided healing meditation to give you a taste:

Koyopa – a Journey within


For a Reisa, we meet via Phone and undertake a shamanic healing journey together. There are various Reisa you can choose from in the Shop:

  • ANAM CARA REISA: Together, we will meet a loved one of yours that has already passed on and see what message s*he wants to convey to you. Keep in mind that a Reisa has to have a healing effect on you; hence, only people whose visit will have such an effect on you will be able to show up. If you wish to re-connect with a loved one that has already moved on to Heaven, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • ASTRO REISA: Together, we will explore your Mayan Calendar Sign, your Celtic Tree Astrology Sign and your Human Design Chart. If you want to learn more about yourself in a fun and fascinating way, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • AURA REISA: Together we journey through your physical, emotional, mental and astral body (aka your Aura) and cleanse and heal your auric field during this process. If you want to deal more deeply with yourself and your energy field, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • CHAKRA REISA: Together we journey through your Chakras, including Alpha and Omega Chakra, and cleanse and energize them during this process. Clear and strong Chakras are key to live a balanced and fulfilled life. If you want to tune into the perception of your chakras and the energy that they generate and distribute, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • CHAOS REISA: Together we let ourselves be led by Odin, the God of Destiny, and see where he takes us. Will it be a Star System? Will it be your Chakras? Will it be your Spirit Guide? Will it be a Rune Reisa? If you like to be surprised, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • COSMOS REISA: Together we journey to a Star or Star System (for example the Plejades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Venus, Mars, etc…) whose inhabitants are connected to you. If you wish to explore your cosmic roots or the cosmos in general, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • RUNE REISA: Together we will journey to the Rune that wishes to share its wisdom with you. If you wish to connect with symbols in general or the Runes specifically, this is the perfect Reisa for you.
  • SPIRIT GUIDE REISA: Together we will journey to a Spirit Guide that wants to reveal himself to and work more closely with you. This Spirit Guide can be an Animal, it can be a Plant, it can be a Mountain or a Valley, it can be an Angel, it can be an Alien, it can be a Human or it can be an Ascended Master. If you wish for clear and focused guidance on your current path, this is the perfect Reisa for you.

Initiation Reisa

The INITIATION REISA is a special form of Reisa that tunes you into the fifth dimension of perception. This means that your perception will expand and you will be able to perceive more different levels of reality than before.

This Reisa must be done on the same day and at the same time for three consecutive weeks. If you feel ready to actively create the golden age on the fine and gross levels through your energy field, this is the perfect Reisa for you.

Each of the three sessions lasts around 90 minutes and takes place over the phone via Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp. You can choose the time freely; Just tell me at least three appointment options and your time zone in the comment field of your order.

Please note that you have to be available on this weekday and at this time for three weeks in a row.

Stay tuned, the Gnothi Seauton App is coming soon!