Shamanism From My Point Of View

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I used spring, which was blessed with a lot of rain here in Switzerland, to completely revamp my website. It is now much clearer and more accessible.

You will often come across the word “shamanic” when discovering it. Hence I would like to share my personal views on the use of this term in the western world with you:

The word root of “shaman” has not been definitively clarified, nor has its definition. I have been studying various forms of shamanism around the world for two decades. What they all have in common for me is the receiving principle. In contrast to Yoga, Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine, the shaman always works directly with Spirit.

In shamanism there is no “one solution that works for everyone”, but a concrete approach to the individual client with the help of Spirit. Each session is different, none follows an absolutely clear script. Often the shaman imparts knowledge that he himself did not consciously possess before – the sacred feminine principle in action.

That’s why it amuses me a little when people want to distinguish themselves with this name, because for me shamanism is everything but ego. Anything but power. The power of the shaman consists in the fact that she can give up her power completely. And that’s why I’ve decided to finally own this name clearly and powerfully.

What the shamans of all tribes have in common is that they can walk between the worlds – they can travel from this world to the hereafter and back again. I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. What the shamans of all tribes have in common, too, is that they are appointed as shamans by their people. For three years, my clients have called me their shaman because they haven’t found a better word to describe how I work.

My use of this term is not about a specific position, recognition, or even a pedestal; to me the word “shaman” is just a job title. A way for those who are looking for my kind of work to find it. Should a carpenter not call himself a carpenter just because all carpenters in his own country have been exterminated? If that were so, no Westerner would be allowed to call their practice “Yoga” or “Ayurveda”.

I am absolutely aware that there are many charlatans who adorn themselves with such names and cheat suffering people out of their money. But there are just as many bad carpenters who rip off their customers, masons who work carelessly and architects who don’t take their responsibilities seriously. Denying my calling just because others have defiled its name is not authentic in my world.

My work in no way replaces Western medicine. It works with it. Because what Western medicine lacks is the spiritual component. The Heart Level. We are spiritual beings having a material experience. So if we want to change our circumstances, it is important to include all components – the physical as well as the metaphysical.

Everything is a dance of the receiving and the giving principle; a dance of the feminine and the masculine. Currently our world is very masculine. Shamanism is my way to balance this.

To learn more about my perception as a Shaman, check out this video on my YouTube channel.

This month’s shamanic Power Symbol is about finding the balance between giving and taking, between inside and outside, between shadow and light. It continues the work of the Symbol from last month and is called Cosmic Harmony.

Printing this Symbol of Power so that you see it subconsciously again and again, will make you more aware of where your own boundaries lie and how you can stand up for them in a peaceful way.

In addition, this Symbol reminds you that it is healthy and beautiful to receive instead of always giving. It invites more gentleness, openness, calm and inner peace into your field.

Of course you can also meditate consciously with the Power Symbol, by visualizing it in front of you and then breathing it into your Aura.

This shamanic Power Symbol is also available as a jewelry pendant or printed on various goodies.