A Reisa Symbol is a personal Symbol I channel for you. It serves as a loyal guiding and nurturing travel companion on your inner and outer journey as a cosmic Soul having a human experience. Reisa is the word root of “rise”, which describes an upward journey.

Each and every human life is such an upward journey, a journey of elevation. A Reisa Symbol is attuned to the electromagnetic frequency of your Aura and tailored to be a perfect travel companion for your unique journey through life.

I channel your Reisa Symbol by looking at your birth chart and your name, as those are kind of portals that let me tune into your field. Your Celtic Tree Horoscope as well as your Mayan Horoscope tell me what kind of path you have chosen in this lifetime, and which Symbols best support you on it.

From these various ancient symbols, I then create the Reisa Symbol for your unique life journey. I can channel Reisa Symbols for anything that has something like a birth date or name; humans, animals, situations, businesses, locations, states of mind, plants – you name it!

After fullfilment, you can get your Reisa Symbol tattooed by me or another artist, or you can freely use it for any other non-commercial purposes. For example, as a gift for loved ones and newborns, a wall painting or a meditation drawing sign.

You can also paint it onto your left or right hand (the left hand represents what we receive, absorb, put closer to our hearts, the right hand represents what we pass on, give away, gift to the outside reality) or visualize it in front of your inner eye whenever you feel like you lose the ground under your feet or your connection to yourself.

After creation, you will receive an e-mail containing a digital file of your personal Reisa Symbol and a text file that explains all the components that have inspired or formed your Symbol in detail, including links to your Celtic Tree Horoscope as well as your Mayan Calendar Sign.

I also create personal Bindrunes and Sigils for your magickal practice – simply let me know in the comment field of your order if you wish for this kind of Symbol.

When I’m tattooing, I activate the Reisa Symbol in my client’s Aura during the Tatau Ritual. If you want this Activation Ritual, you can book your Reisa Symbol with Activation Ritual. This offer includes a Skype session with me during which I activate your Symbol in your Aura.

Tattoo Rituals with me personally are happening twice a week in Cham, Switzerland. If you would like to experience a Tattoo Ritual with me, please book your Reisa Symbol and follow the instructions.

If you have seen a Symbol from me on my site or one of my social media accounts that you would like someone else to tattoo you, this is possible for a fee of CHF 44.-. Simply send me a picture of the Symbol and your request by e-mail and after receipt of payment you will receive written permission from me, which confirms that you are allowed to get this design tattooed by the tattoo artist of your choice.

Gyfu Blue


Answers to all your questions

What is a Reisa Symbol?
A Reisa Symbol is a personal Symbol that I channel for you. It is tailored to your current energy field, which means that you can order several Reisa Symbols created by me over the years. Your Reisa Symbol strengthens you in your personal development and can be used as a tattoo template, as a logo or for meditation and shamanic journeys. Each Reisa Symbol consists of individual Symbol components, the story of which I will tell you in the text accompanying your Symbol file.
Can I only order a Reisa Symbol for myself?
No, Reisa Symbols can also be ordered as a gift, for example for the birth of a new being or business project, but also for specific purposes such as a logo. I have already channeled Partner Symbols, Sibling Symbols, Family Symbols, even Clan Symbols, Tree Symbols, Elf Spirit Symbols, Spirit Guide Symbols and Plant Symbols; There are no limits to your imagination as to what you can order a Reisa Symbol for.
What is a Sigil Tattoo?
Sigils are a special type of Symbol used in witchcraft and magick in general. I mention them in the text on the Reisa Symbols so practicing witches know that I am proficient in this form of Symbol creation as well.
What is a Bind Rune?
Bind Runes are also a special type of Symbols used in magick and interdimensional communication. I mention them in the Reisa Symbol text so Starseeds and Runecasters know that I am also proficient in this form of Symbol creation.
What is a Starguide Tattoo?
Starguide Tattoos are pastel colored Alien Tattoos that I have been channeling since early 2023. A Starguide Tattoo Ritual connects you with the star friend of your choice. You will learn their name, their story and the skills they bring to your life. Starguide Tattoos are only given to certain people - if you are interested in this offer, please send me an e-mail with some information about yourself to
How do I book an appointment for a Tattoo Ritual?
You book a Reisa Symbol and mention your date of birth and that you want a tattoo appointment with me in the comment field of your order. I will then contact you personally as soon as your Reisa Symbol is created and we will discuss everything else.
Do I have to get a Reisa Symbol tattooed or can I bring my own design?
No, you can also bring your own design. As long as I like it and it corresponds to my abilities, there are no limits to your imagination. Prices for tattoos without Reisa Symbol creation start at CHF 333.- and can be booked by e-mail to
Will the circle around the Symbols, as seen on your website and social media, also be tattooed?
The circle around the Symbols is part of my logo and is used as an anti-theft device when I publish my Symbols online. In other words: The circle is never tattooed, but "only" the Symbol that is in it.
Does my place of birth matter for the channeling?
No, your place of birth doesn't matter. I only need your date of birth to be able to channel your Reisa Symbol.
Should I book a Reisa Symbol with Activation Ritual?
If you would like me to tattoo your Reisa Symbol, the Activation Ritual is included in the Tattoo Ritual and you do not have to book it separately. If you want to get tattooed somewhere else, you can book the Activation Ritual and we can do it before or after the tattoo is done.
Can I have my Reisa Symbol inked by another tattoo artist?
Of course that's allowed; With your personal Reisa Symbol you also acquire the right of non-commercial use. That means you can use your Symbol as a tattoo template for yourself.
Where are the Tattoo Rituals taking place?
I tattoo in my small private studio in Cham, Switzerland.
Can I bring a friend?
No, I do not allow any other people than my tattoo clients in my working space.
How long does a Tattoo Ritual last on average?
Depending on the size of the motif and the complexity of the design, an appointment takes two to six hours. After completing your Symbol and determining the size, I can give you a more precise timeline.
How much does a Tattoo Ritual cost?
Compensation for a Handpoked Tattoo Ritual including your personal Reisa Symbol starts at CHF 555 and then increases depending on the size and type of motif. After completing your Symbol and determining the size of the motif and body part on which it will be tattooed, I can give you a more precise price estimate. The CHF 222 that you pay when ordering your Reisa Symbol will be deducted from the final price. If you have a certain budget, you can let me know and we will work accordingly.
How do I pay at the tattoo appointment?
Since I don't own an EC device, I only accept payment in cash or via Twint at the appointment.


"I’ve been so excited all week, I’ve certainly checked my e-mails 1000 times 😀 I’m SO happy with the result! I really like it very much. Thank you so much for my personal Reisa Symbol – I want to leave it exactly as it is: Perfect."
Jocelyn, 22
"Thank you very much for my Reisa Symbol. It exceeded my expectations. With your work, you have met the things that suit me and are important to me very precisely (more precisely than I could previously describe so accurately or even knew myself 😉 ). I also like the Rune Tyr, because my daughter was born in Libra – so I have her in the Symbol, too 🙂 Thank you very much for your work!"
Ramon, 32
"Thank you so much for my personal Reisa Symbol. The way each line and point has it’s place and specific significance… I love seeing how they work together and support each other, and how there is flow from one line to the next. My eyes have so much fun traveling around the whole composition. The reflections and thought that went into each element and how each plays with the others is so lovely, and I know I will continue to explore and understand it even more in the coming days and weeks. Thank you so much again for sharing your wonderful gift!"
Rebecca, 37
"Thank you so much for my Reisa Symbol – I immediately felt it in my heart and I can fully identify with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so happy and can already feel the empowering effect that the Symbol has on me. Thank you again and again!"
Gabriela, 49
"I am absolutely speechless, touched and thank you in deep humility! What a beautiful Reisa Symbol! It is difficult to put into words what it awakens in me. What a wonderful surprise it was when I opened your email – Yay, my Reisa Symbol is already there :-). I did a little ritual and looked at it calmly and with great joy and read the text. Oh yes, I see the witch, the magician, the dryad… so beautiful and magical! Everything is just incredible and touching! The connection, the source, the elements, the universe, the Latvian symbols, the tree of Venus, the energy of the morning star, the connection, the lines, the life, the movement, the radiance, the two sides of the medal, my Mayan symbol (I have a green dragon on my left upper arm), the dragon, the notes, big sister… and yes, dear sister – “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.” – I don’t know how often I say, think, feel that 🙂 Oh Dada, I am so full of gratitude and love – this Reisa Symbol is incredible – you are incredible, even if you call yourself “just” a channel, without your sensitivity and ability you wouldn’t see and feel me in such a deep way."
Corina, 44
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my Reisa Symbol. I LOVE it and it will find a place of honor in my practice. So beautiful. You captured me perfectly, it is just super perfect. Thank you for your being and your work!"
Francesca, 34
"My Reisa Symbol is great!!! I am totally happy and it touches me deeply. I never thought that the meaning of the symbol would go so deep. There’s sooo much in there. I’m going to let it all sink in and look into the different parts of it bit by bit. Thank you very much for passing on your knowledge and your gift."
Catherine, 49
"Wow! My Reisa Symbol is simply fantastic. I am happy like a little child! I feel how much love is contained in the Symbol – thank you Dada! It is just beautiful. Thank you very much!"
Carmen, 24
"At first I was irritated because I have only seen elongated symbols and I expected a similar looking one. As always, you shouldn’t expect anything 😉 At second glance, I fell in love with the inside of the medal! It speaks to my heart very much! It touches me very much! The rune Gyfu for love, the quadrilateral for the source of being, the triangles as a connection to above and below… And the meaning of the three points, that a new third whole can emerge from two wholes, touches me very much! And love, again and again! So important! I look at the Symbol over and over again with great joy. This is mine! It calms me down and strengthens me! I thank you from the bottom of my heart – I will honor it, always."
Ladina, 41
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovingly detailed creation and communication of the sources. I feel very strongly connected to the Reisa Symbol and cannot wait to carry it on me. For me it symbolizes several characteristics, qualities and abilities that are very strong within me – how deeply touching to recognize this in symbols! What a powerful, precise script. Absolutely everything that you integrated intuitively, just with my date of birth, reflects me. I thank you very much for your work. Incredibly detailed and touching."
Timea, 31
"Wow, I’m speechless! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. The Reisa Symbol is perfect. I am positively 'shocked' because it really includes everything. An imprint of my soul in a symbol. Really magical. I can’t look away. Thank you thank you thank you!"
Michèle, 26
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my Reisa Symbol. It suits me very well. The wonderful messages that are in it give me confidence on my way! I think the effect will even be enhanced if I print it and put it somewhere I see it daily. A heartfelt thank you!"
Wilma, 42
"Thank you very much for your wonderful work. I think the Reisa Symbol is beautiful. I connected to it this morning and felt a very nice warmth and strength in me. I also read through the horoscopes – yes, everything applies! Again, thank you very much for your very, very great work and for sharing it with us!"
Esther, 49
"Simply WOW! It’s hard to express what I feel in words… The first time I looked at my Reisa Symbol, tears of happiness ran down my cheeks. My inner self immediately felt that this Reisa Symbol brings me a lot of love. Parts in me received an important, valuable and previously missing piece of my inner puzzle – pure healing, that’s how it feels. Every time I look at my symbol, I feel familiarity, truth, warming of the heart, soul dance, cell vibration and my inside and outside get strengthened beyond measure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you do!"
Heidi, 45
"Wow! Thank you very much for my Reisa Symbol! Yesterday I saw the symbol for the first time on my cell phone on the train and it totally flashed me because it is SO stunning! At home I read the meaning of each component and was really touched by the individual symbols, because the content fits me perfectly! The additional information in the links totally blew me away because they absolutely apply. My Reisa Symbol combines so much that is important to me – it really is mine, I feel it! Thank you, I am really very enthusiastic and my love for my Reisa Symbol grows with every day!"
Rahel, 31
"Thank you very much for your work! When I looked at my Reisa Symbol for the first time, I felt a strong wave of primal forces that transcend the horizon flow through my body, which triggered such strong positive energies that tears started to flow down my cheeks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visualizing and creating my Reisa Symbol so that it can now accompany me in consciousness."
Deborah, 33
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am thrilled! My Reisa Symbol is beautiful! Unbelievable what powers it triggers in me, amaaaziiing! Can’t wait to get started with my shamanic work, now that I have this wonderful logo for it!"
Sandra, 39
"I am thrilled again – I can hardly stop looking at your creation! When I came to you three years ago and had my tattoo designed and inked, I was already blown away afterwards – really, it felt like being in love! Today it’s no different with my Reisa Symbol; I am blown away by the appearance and the meaning of my Reisa Symbol. You recorded my explanations and my horoscope and nailed it with the combination of the signs and symbols! I thank you from the bottom of my heart – I am sure that I will enjoy my symbol for ever and always!"
Laura, 26
"The joy was enormous this morning when I saw your mail, which arrived much earlier than expected – thank you for that! I really like the Reisa Symbol, and its meaning even more. Thank you for your energy and for your being – my Reisa Symbol will constantly accompany and support me on my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Tamara, 45
"With all my heart THANKS for this wonderful Reisa Symbol. I was blown away when I opened your e-mail! My flower really flew towards me… I’m totally overjoyed with my Symbol. I knew beforehand that you would nail it, visually as well as in terms of content. We don’t know each other, but you know who I am! I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dada. You are a fascinating person with an extraordinary, wonderful gift."
Monica, 44
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my powerful Symbol. I feel very connected to heaven and earth. The symbols that you have integrated inspire me and have also given me a new perspective. Things that were clear to me but somehow had no name. Thanks for that!"
Janine, 34
"WOW! Thank you very much for the very suiting Reisa Symbol. I am very concerned with all of the integrated topics: Be it the elements, the plants, the sun, the moon and the stars, alchemy, my consciousness, the familiar, staying in the flow, shadows / mirrors, the hermetic laws, that everything is connected to everything. Thank you again!"
Barbara, 30
"When I looked at my Reisa Symbol for the first time, I was probably not yet ready to take a closer look at it. Images, mandalas and symbols created especially for humans always have a very deep effect. And I observe that I always take one or two months before I fully confront myself with the work specially created for me. First of all – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work. It is always truly impressive to discover the profundity in “a few strokes”. I really appreciate your description of the Reisa Symbol. Within meditation, the meaning and the power of the symbol went much further for me, and I am sure that I will discover more and more facets and qualities in this symbolism over time. Above all, it centers me and I feel how I can align myself again: anchored and free, centered and connected, recognizing myself and letting go – beautiful! I’ve got a self-adhesive film printed with the Reisa Symbol; this is attached to my closet in the bedroom now, so my Reisa Symbol accompanies me even more consciously in everyday life. Thank you very much for your work! Your creation will be a beautiful life companion and anchor."
Anja, 28
"I am very touched by my Reisa Symbol, thank you for your wonderful work. It is just perfect – I need the female alignment through the tree as much as the protection and grounding. Everything vibrates in me, my heart sparks down to my roots and the painful vacuum in me is dissolving. I see myself painted in colors dancing around the fire of life. Singing, laughing, crying… full of devotion and freedom. I showed the Symbol to my healer friend, too, and this was his feedback: “I dealt with your Reisa Symbol again. It is wonderful. I’ve tested it, and I’m absolutely thrilled. Respect for this masterpiece. This woman knows how to use the power of symbols to create a field that is tailored to suit your being in order to strengthen you in your energy.” – Simply brilliant!"
Margrit, 43
"Just WOW! Thank you very much! First I looked at my Symbol and thought: pretty. Afterwards I read your thoughts about it and thought WOW. It fits perfectly. Exactly what is important to me, what I orientate myself on… I’m really looking forward to inspiring myself with my Reisa Symbol again and again and to regain my strength with it if necessary. I will get it tattooed as soon as possible!"
Conny, 46
"It took two days until I was able to grasp my Reisa Symbol as a whole from top to bottom… When I opened the mail, I only saw the upper part, i.e. the star and the “tree crown” – I didn’t know the meaning yet and still my heart opened immediately 🙂 Then I scrolled down and my heart got bigger and bigger – in the truest sense: I was overwhelmed and deeply touched. I love it and it feels like a message from another world… The star touches me deeply and I actually feel its gentle energy when I look at it… The idea with the tree and the messages wrapped in it, the combined horoscopes – simply wonderful. You have addressed a lot of topics in the description that I am currently occupied with – that fascinates me. Right now, when I look at your description again, I actually notice that I still cannot grasp it as a whole – again and again I am overwhelmed and it puts a huge smile on my face. I thank you for your time, your energy and the joy that you have invested in it!"
Sandra, 43
"I am very happy about my Reisa Symbol, I thought very much about your work on Thursday evening and was looking forward to your mail. When I looked at the Reisa Symbol while working, I only saw the Symbol at first. I printed it out directly and looked at it all afternoon, and I felt more and more connected to the Symbol. In the evening I finally saw the description. When I started reading it, shivers ran down my spine. Tears welled up in my eyes – it is more than perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – thank you for being there, thank you for doing such significant work for us. I am very grateful that I have heard from you and now have my own Symbol from you."
Cindy, 42
"Thank you very much again for my Reisa Symbol! I’ve let it sink in for the last few days. My first impression was how magical and beautiful it looks with the curved lines and the stars. I read the description text and the linked content with great pleasure. The meaning of the individual symbols speaks to me very much – Unalome as a way of life, and the starting point is Ulun for primeval ground and security – in the middle the sun-moon combination, and everything together composed as a soul compass. That’s simply great! I am very moved."
Kirsten, 34
"I think it’s wonderful how you describe every single line to me. I recognize the thoughts you are immersed in and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this powerful work! Only when I looked at it several times could I see its strength. It hangs in my apartment, always visible. And only now can I work with it and apply it. I will use it for my meditations and rituals and will carry it with me on the go. I also started a training in shamanic healing practices last weekend. I want the symbol to be my faithful companion for this new journey, too."
Myriam, 36
"I am really deeply impressed and enthusiastic. From the first second I looked at the symbol, I knew, “Yes, this is exactly my symbol”. And with every moment in which I let the symbol work on me, the effect unfolds deeper and deeper. I’m curious to see how it will develop over the next few days and how it will affect me. It’s perfect. Thank you very much for your creativity and thoughts, which you have incorporated here."
Magdalena, 41
"Thank you very much for my beautiful Reisa Symbol. It cast a spell on me from the first second. Your description, how appropriate! And I can read a lot into the information that came to you. I am thrilled. Thank you again for your great and very valuable work."
Daniela, 35
"WOOOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderfully beautiful, so very appropriate Reisa Symbol! I can’t stop looking at it. I was so looking forward to it, and I am incredibly happy having such a personal symbol that exudes power and love in front of me now! When I read the descriptions, I always got goose bumps, and sometimes even tears started to flow, the symbols are so harmonious: The blue eagle, the spiral star, the rune Gyfu, the lotus flower… what a present! I definitely want to leave the symbol exactly as it is, it will be a loyal companion to me from now on. Thank you, dear Dada, for living out your wonderful gift!"
Marianne, 44
"Many thanks to you for my wonderful Reisa Symbol, which will accompany my every move from now on. I absolutely recognize myself in it and it is also exciting to see that there are straight lines throughout the symbol, even though I did not specify this. But the straight lines absolutely correspond to my aesthetic sense. I can also understand your explanations about this symbol very well. The topic of waking up in particular has been a strong part of me in recent years and will certainly continue to accompany me in the future. 🙂 The subject of freedom, which you have integrated into the symbol with the birds, is extremely important to me personally and therefore absolutely rightly represented here. It was also exciting to hear that you could make out a memory of my past Egyptian and Polynesian lives. I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you again for your wonderful work!"
René, 42