Alpha and Omega

Elemental Bodies of the Human Aura

“Life is lived forward and understood backwards.” Søren Kierkegaard When I lived in India 10 years ago, my father was visiting when I was trying to find a name for my company. In the previous years I had learned more and more crafts, such as making macramé jewelry or tattooing by hand. At the same


Dada März 2024

About the shame of having a body the shame of being different the shame of being the same the shame of being sick the shame of being healthy about the shame of being privileged and the shame of being poor about the shame that comes from outside and the shame that sits in our cells

Episode 15: Bonus

The Dadaxy meets Generation Om Podcast Cover Artwork

This week I didn’t record for the Dadaxy Podcast, but instead talked to Ronja Sara about the power of words and intention for her podcast “Generation Om“. This episode is in Swiss German.

Episode 14: Stories

The Dadaxy Podcast Cover

This is an episode on stories; The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we have lived, the stories our ancestors experienced. The echoes of the stories long past that still whisper in our subconscious ears and form our behaviour. It is also an episode on my newest offer, “Learn Magic”, a training in mastering your

Episode 13: The Body Time Palace

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What does it mean to be a spiritual being having a physical experience? And why do spiritual people and modern physicists alike not look at time as a cosmic structure like space, but more as a tool for the individual experience we call life? The voices of all times echo in our body time palace.

A Power Symbol Tattoo Story

Power Symbol Self Expression

Eli wanted a personal Power Symbol on the topics of clear communication from within, self-expression, setting boundaries and self-care. The chosen part of the body fits perfectly with the effect of the Symbol, because these are all topics of the throat chakra. I always notice that it is only at a point that people want

Some Background Information

Dada Chi Portrait

I’m currently on the way to a metaphysical room cleansing. There’s a lot to say about this! For example, that there are two types of cleansing. The first is the one that many also practice at home; Just as we sweep the dust out of our physical spaces, we sweep stuck bits of thoughts and

Peacock Woman

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I have had very strong emotions all my life. It wasn’t possible for me to rise above them, so I learned to separate myself from my feelings. Learned to no longer notice them, by focusing on the outside. I distracted myself with everything that came along, the main thing was not to dive into these

Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire Meditation Cover Tara

In shamanism as well as in trauma therapy, we often deal with the retrieval of parts of the soul or, expressed psychologically, we re-associate with the parts of ourselves to which we apparently lost contact on our way through life. An important part of this work is the stripping of old skin, i.e. the liberation