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Runes by Dada Chi Cover Artwork

The Runic Alphabet The magical Runic alphabet, long forgotten, was once widely used by ancient European peoples such as the Vikings, the Teutons, the Celts and the Anglo-Saxon tribes.  The Runes have existed for thousands of years, some Runes were found in ancient cave paintings all over the world.  The word Rune means secret, riddle

Celtic Tree Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology by Dada Chi Cover Artwork

The Celts loved the forest and the trees. They knew that everything on Earth is interconnected – that everything exchanges information with everything in order to grow and prosper. Hence, they arranged the year in a tree circle and placed each tree in the time of the year that best suited its natural characteristics. The

Celtic Tree Astrology : Hazel

Celtic Tree Astrology Hazel

BIRTH DATE: AUGUST 05 – SEPTEMBER 01 ANIMAL: SALMON      TOPIC: THE KNOWER Visions, Instinct, Intellect, Creativity, Inspiration, Knowledge, Mindfulness Find a collection of all the Celtic Tree Horoscope Ogham Signs in Enso Elea! Enso Elea SubscriptionJoin the shamanic online community and gain access to: • World’s first online Aura School • Training in Deep Magick • A