Episode 15: Bonus

The Dadaxy meets Generation Om Podcast Cover Artwork

This week I didn’t record for the Dadaxy Podcast, but instead talked to Ronja Sara about the power of words and intention for her podcast “Generation Om“. This episode is in Swiss German.

Episode 14: Stories

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This is an episode on stories; The stories we tell ourselves, the stories we have lived, the stories our ancestors experienced. The echoes of the stories long past that still whisper in our subconscious ears and form our behaviour. It is also an episode on my newest offer, “Learn Magic”, a training in mastering your

Episode 13: The Body Time Palace

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What does it mean to be a spiritual being having a physical experience? And why do spiritual people and modern physicists alike not look at time as a cosmic structure like space, but more as a tool for the individual experience we call life? The voices of all times echo in our body time palace.