The Perks of Meditation

Rune Man

Why is meditation important?

The human Aura consists of different bodies. Just as we take care of our Physical Body by brushing our teeth and taking a shower, we can also take care of the hygiene of our Emotional Body, our Mental Body and our Astral Body. Meditation here is the toothbrush or the shower head, i.e. the tool with which we can clean our Aura.

How does meditation serve me?

Perhaps you have already noticed that practically everyone acts reactively in certain situations instead of approaching the given situation from a place of peace within. This is exactly what happens when we don’t take care of our auric hygiene; We throw our unprocessed emotions at other people without having made ourselves aware of how we feel at all. Here lies the root of many relational issues: Our emotions are our own business. How we feel is primarily our responsibility. Secondarily, how we feel is a matter for those with whom we relate. So, in order to have healthy relationships, I need to take the time each day to reflect on how I’m feeling. And then communicate this non-violently to those who are affected. Not so that others can take my emotions away from me or I can dump my feelings on them. But so that the people around me know exactly where I stand right now. They cannot know this until I express myself. And I can only express what I am aware of myself. So I meditate every day to create healthy relationships because healthy relationships are the basis of a healthy world. 

How do I do this, meditate?

There are many different types of meditation. To make it easy for you to get started, I developed Gnothi Seauton, my Web App. You can simply click the button below to tune into each and every body of your Aura to become more self-aware and thereby sustainably improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and all that is.