What it’s good for

Von Sinn Und Nutzen

You don’t need a crystal. 

You don’t need an essence. 

You don’t need a coach. 

It’s all inside of you.

What you do need to progress is a clear intention, set into focussed action.

And that’s were the first sentence of this thought excursion gets turned: Often times, I had all these thoughts inside of me, and only when speaking about them to someone, they cleared up. Only by letting them out I was able to clarify them – life is a beautiful dance between autonomy and connection, indeed.

By getting something from the outside for what rises up within you, you set the clear intention to work on that subject. By buying or booking the product or offer, you set this intention into focussed action, too.

And that’s why it’s good to get that crystal for what you think you need it for.

That’s why it’s helpful to work with that essence, whatever it claims to be helping with.

That’s why you help yourself by booking a coaching appointment, whatever this coachs’ work offers that calls you.

All of them set your inner intention into action on the outside. And most probably, as happens to me and my clients more than often, that process you started will begin before the purchased product or date of the coaching appointment has even arrived, because you said Yes to your development. You said Yes to your progress and you invested life energy into it (money is energy, too, as everything is on a quantum level of perspective).

That’s what you can use all those buyable and bookable offers on the outside for. Not to get attached to the powers of the Crystal, the Essence or the Person, but to set your intention into proper action. By getting assistance on the outside, you do the most clear decision there is towards helping yourself.