You Are Enough

You Are Enough

You are enough
just the way you are –

you don’t have to give me anything
you don’t have to say anything,
you don’t have to do anything…
because I see you.

And just the way I see you
I accept you –
evaluation creates separation,
creates our downfall.

So, only if you like,
take your masksfrom your face –
others might not like to see
your true nature,
but the others 
are not me.

I know about the scars
that life digs into our hearts
I don’t care
how broken your heart seems to you
all that matters to me is
that it still beats.

I want to remind you
that there are more important things
than your outer layer,
that everything
you are looking for outside
already exists within you.

There is nothing material
that can fill your emptiness
and that’s what scares you.

Because everything that is not material,
is not tangible, so fleeting.

We identify it with a form
to hold it close
and when it leaves us
we again are confronted with impermanence,
the one thing from which we try to flee.

But when I learned
to take a closer look
I also learned
to no longer rely on forms,
but rather on what I feel

and then I realized
that the form may perish
but the energy behind things
stays constant.

This energy
carries you and protects you
and is never absent –
it lets you be yourself
without identification via form.