Sacred Flame Talisman

The Sacred Flame Talisman strengthens your aura and your inner fire, which then increases your zest for life and gives you more lightness. The difference between an amulet and a talisman is that an amulet keeps out the unwanted (banishing), while a talisman attracts the wanted (invoking).

The Sacred Flame Talisman contains a piece of Palo Santo (Earth element), a modified tube to hold a lighter, lipstick or similar (Fire element), a Shiva Lingam (Water element), as well as a mini Athame (Air element) and a Rune (Spirit element).

Individual parts are removable so that you can use them individually, and you can replace your Palo Santo when it’s finished.

Since the bicycle tire rubber holds things very well, you can also fit a small or large BIC lighter, as well as any lip balm or lipstick. A lot of crystals fit superwell, too, just like most e-cigarettes or another piece of Palo Santo and small smudge sticks.

So the Sacred Flame Talisman is a real all-rounder that belongs into every good witch workshop and on every magical altar.

If you already have a Shiva Lingam, you can also order this Talisman with a Kabamba Crystal from Madagascar instead of the Shiva Lingam. Simply mention your wish in the comment field of your order!



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