My real name is Daniela Bernet, but everyone I know calls me Dada Chi.

Dada is my nickname since middle school; Chi is one of many names for the universal energy I work with. I’ve been at home on Planet Earth since 1988, although it took me a long time to feel comfortable here.

I come from a world of wholeness; It took me many years to make friends with the omnipresent separation of the earthly dimension. Today, after many years of light and shadow work, I have come to realize the wholeness of this separation.

I enjoy spending my free time reading, swimming, talking or dancing. Nature, sound in all its forms, meditations and rituals are my sources of power.

During my travels around the globe, I came into contact with the most diverse forms of human existence, which fascinate me to this day.

In addition to my official training, life taught me first and foremost. Through relationships of the most varied of natures, through the emergence, blossoming and passing away of all that is, I was allowed to look ever deeper into the nature of life, to feel its pulse in my veins.

My greatest and most valued Master is my own life path, with all its ups and downs, because I have learned everything from it that I consider important and right today. With carrot and stick it has brought me closer to myself and thus to the source of everything – to the knowledge that interior and exterior are in constant exchange.

My Life Path