My real name is Daniela Bernet, but everyone I know calls me Dada Chi. Dada is my nickname since middle school; Chi is one of many names for the universal energy I study.

I’ve reincarnated on Planet Earth in 1988, which I thought to be an error of cosmic sorts for the first couple years of my life. I didn’t feel at home here at all, because I am a hybrid; that means, my soul or consciousness reincarnated into two different planes of existence simultaneously.

My soul or consciousness animates the individual Daniela (Dada Chi) on planet Earth, and the individual Danica, an intergalactic being from Arcturus. Since I am one of the first hybrids that visit Earth in the New Age, it took me quite some time to figure out what exactly was going on with me.

Once I did, it took me many more years to make friends with the omnipresent separation of the earthly dimension, because I come from a world of wholeness and abundance, not separation and deficit. Today, after many years of light and shadow work, I have come to realize and integrate the wholeness of this separation.

I strive to implement shamanic ways of healing and living into society’s everyday life by making them easily accessible and understandable through “Gnothi Seauton“. To me, the term “healing” stands for the journey of becoming whole, the journey of reconnecting Self and Soul.

Today, I consciously work in the material plane of planet Earth, ergo the third dimension, which I call this World. Here, I serve as a Travel Guide and Counselor for humans. Also, I work in the astral plane of the fifth to ninth dimension, which I call the Otherworld. There, I serve as a travel guide and counselor for intergalactic travellers on the ships of the Galactic Federation.

If you’d like to dive deeper into my little Dadaxy, you find lots of treasures straight outta Shambala in the Chi Blog.

Of course, I also would be very happy to welcome you to Enso Elea, my Community and Aura School.

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