Learn Magic

Learn Magic – a training that will tune you deeper into your very own magic.

Join us for a journey through Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit and learn to work with Chi in a playful yet powerful way.

After the “Learn Magic” training, you will be firmly anchored in your own energy field and can follow your soul’s path in a well-grounded but also cosmically connected way. You’ll have experienced firsthand what Chi is and how you can direct certain parts of it with your attention.

You’ll know the forces of Spirit and the Otherworld, the forces of Earth and physical sensations, the forces of Water and emotions, the forces of Fire and thoughts and the forces of Air and visions and know how to deal with them.

During the training, your senses will be attuned to the Otherworld, which means that upon completion you will have developed a lastingly better sense for the magic of life. The connection to this primal magic that is inherent in everything is what many of us are looking for and even perceive as an inner call.

It’s this connection that allows us to walk our path through the dance of life and death on Earth more safely and come to peace with our own transience.

The training consists of five Sundays spent together and four weeks of integration time in between, during which you will be guided and accompanied by me in a closed Telegram group.

During the four weeks of integration, the daily work consists of around 15 minutes of practice, which can be playfully integrated into everyday life.

Dates first round 2024:

Module 1 – Spirit: May 26th
Module 2 – Earth: June 23rd
Module 3 – Water: July 21st
Module 4 – Fire: August 18th
Module 5 – Air: September 15th

Location: 8002 Zurich
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
Costs: CHF 1’111.- or CHF 222.20 per module

This includes snacks, delicious tea, the finest Cacao, a diploma and the eBook of “Being Human – A Travel Guide” at the end of the training.

A maximum of 11 participants are on site per training. Currently, there are 7 open slots remaining for the first round of 2024. Simply click the button below and send me an e-mail to ensure your slot!