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Meditation Ritual Crown Chakra Activation

Meditation Ritual

IMPORTANT: Please read the entire instruction manual carefully before you begin. You’ll need:  – Incense burner*  – Aluminum foil  – Dried lavender flowers  – Cinammon  – Bowl  – Tealight  – Amethyst tumbled stone (flat enough to rest comfortably on the crown of your head)  – If possible, clothes and towels in violet, the color of


Ho'oponopono - Forgiveness Is A Key

Forgiveness is not as important to the forgiven as it is important to the forgiver.  We have all been hurt, intentionally or unknowingly, by other people. Unfortunately, often precisely from those people who were or are very close to us. However, if we don’t heal these wounds, they bleed all over our future.  They allow