Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire Meditation Cover Tara

In shamanism as well as in trauma therapy, we often deal with the retrieval of parts of the soul or, expressed psychologically, we re-associate with the parts of ourselves to which we apparently lost contact on our way through life.

An important part of this work is the stripping of old skin, i.e. the liberation from the stories that we carry around with us because our society lacks the general knowledge of how to integrate stories, let them go and continue onward.

In an environment that produces more and more stories, the load of the stories that we carry on our back instead of having integrated and released it will eventually become unbearable. We humans are habitual beings; Only when the suffering is strong enough do we come into action.

That is a good thing; We are hormonal beings, we need motivation. And shadow work is truly an art that requires a lot of motivation. Because we humans may like instant gratification; to have to take a way that only shows results after a while, is not particularly motivating for us.

And so it has always been a major concern of mine to pass on the forms of work that activate self-healing powers in a playful, easy way – and in such a way that an effect can be felt immediately. Because I am absolutely convinced that not everything has to be complicated, difficult or hard. But that it can easily be done. Because the process is intense enough; Why not have fun while at it?

Based on these considerations, my entire work is structured; Be this the special space that I open for my Handpoke Tattoo Rituals, as well as Enso Elea, my online community, in which I pass on my shamanic knowledge in a playful way.

For you to get an insight into the Flow Sessions that form an optionally bookable part of Enso Elea, I re-recorded the session of last week. In this session we worked with the ring of the fire. This shamanic journey developed by me enables travelers to strip off old layers, let go of old stories, as to design space for new things to come in.

Please do not listen to the recording while you drive a car or use other heavy machines. It can have a strong impact on the subconscious and thus easily cause a trance.

Have fun working with the Ring of Fire!

Ring Of Fire Meditation English